7 Essentials for Spring College Tours

Friday, March 22, 2019

7 Essentials for Spring College ToursPack These Items to Help You Stay Comfortable and Confident on College Tours

Between booking travel accommodations and registering in advance, there is a lot of preparation work that goes into planning college tours. In addition to nailing down all of the logistics, students should pack strategically in order to feel prepared during every campus visit.

In order to take some guess work out of the planning process, we have a created a list of all of the touring essentials students need to bring with them during college visits. Keep reading to learn about the must-have items students need to start their college tours off on the right foot.

Notebook + Pen
College tours are an opportunity to begin to envision yourself on campus, so it’s important to take full advantage of that by compiling detailed notes on your experiences. Keeping a journal of all of your college tours will give you something to refer back to later when you are refining your list of best-fit schools.  Jot down how you feel on campus, any questions you didn’t have a chance to ask during the visit, and any interesting information or important facts your tour guide shares. These details may come in handy later on when students are working on school-specific supplement questions, which are a part of many colleges’ application.

Comfortable Walking Shoes
School visits are not the time to break in a new pair of shoes. During college tours, students should strive to see as much of the campus as possible and consequently can expect to cover a lot of mileage. Stick with sneakers or flat boots that enable you to take that second walk through the library without pain.

Water Bottle
College touring can be costly, especially if students and families fail to plan ahead. Instead of shelling out for bottled water repeatedly throughout your tours, bring a refillable bottle to carry with you throughout each visit. Staying hydrated is important for keeping your energy levels up, and a refillable bottle is the most cost-friendly option.

Students should always research the weather of the campus they are visiting, but it can be hard to predict how cool university buildings and offices will be. Come prepared with a sweater to avoid shivering through an overly air conditioned information session and potentially missing out on important details. While any outer layer should suffice, avoid a sweater with another university’s logo; this can send the wrong message to admissions offices. 

Between waiting for information sessions to begin and traveling between campuses, college tours are a great opportunity to cross some books off of your &ltlt;a href=”https://www.ivywise.com/ivywise-knowledgebase/resources/article/ivywise-summer-reading-list/” rel=” noopener” target=”_blank”>reading list. Reserve reading or listening to podcasts for waiting and travel time only. Once the tour begins, it is important to give the college and your campus guide your full attention so you can learn as much as possible about each school. 

It’s important to keep handouts and information packages from each school organized, so that it will be easier to refer back to them later. Hold on to all of the documents you receive and keep this information handy by sorting it into a designated folder or binder.

Wireless Charger
Snapping pictures is a great way to chronicle some of the sights on campus, so keep your battery charged so your phone is always available for use. If you plan on touring multiple schools in one day, a wireless charger may be key to making sure you stay connected throughout the day.

By planning college tours in advance and packing accordingly, students can limit distractions and really focus in on each school they visit. If you are currently preparing for campus tours, our team of expert college admissions counselors can help you plan each visit.

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