6 Tips for Students Accepted to Their Top-Choice Colleges

Monday, March 26, 2018

what to do if youHere’s What to Do If You’re Accepted!

More college admissions decisions are coming out this week, and we have some advice for students who were accepted to their top-choice colleges.

Decision time can be very exciting for students – especially if they’re admitted to their top-choice schools! As part of this last big week before all decisions are out, we’re posting a series of blog posts with advice for students who were accepted, rejected, or waitlisted from their first, second, or event third choice colleges.

An acceptance is exciting, but it’s not the end of the college admissions journey! There are a number of things that students who were accepted to one or more colleges need to do from now until the end of the school year. Here are six tips for students who were accepted to their top-choice colleges.

Enjoy the Good News!

Congratulations! This is an exciting time, and it’s expected that you’ll be feeling a lot of emotions. Take some time to enjoy the outcome of all your hard work – you got in! Celebrate with your family and friends, and let your teachers and counselors know about your admissions decision.

But Be Careful About What You Post

It’s ok to celebrate your accomplishment and share the news with family and friends, and even with the world over social media, but be mindful of what you’re posting. Don’t use your celebratory posts to put down others or make someone who didn’t get in feel bad. Also be careful about posting any identifying information about yourself. If you choose to share your acceptance letter, a screenshot of your application portal, or any other materials that include your full name or address, make sure that you block out any of that sensitive information.

Evaluate All Offers of Admission

Chances are, if you applied to a balanced list of 10-15 target, reach, and likely schools, you could be getting a multiple acceptances. If so, after the initial excitement wears off, you’ll need to get back down to business. You have until May 1 to make a decision about where to enroll, so take it seriously! Evaluate all offers of admission, including housing, financial aid, your major, and more. Have you feelings about a school changed since you applied? Have you not had a chance to visit yet? Weigh your options, visit if you haven’t yet already, and talk with your family about what the best choice is for your future and goals.


Consider Financial Aid

Probably one of the biggest considerations that students weigh when deciding between multiple offers of admission is the financial aid. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate all financial aid packages and know how to read between the lines. Some schools use varying financial aid terminology, so be sure to carefully decode each offer and have a solid idea about what is covered and what you’ll be expected to pay.

Attend an Admitted Students’ Weekend If Possible

We mentioned before to visit if you haven’t yet already. Many colleges offer admitted students’ weekends in March and April after decisions are sent out in order to encourage potential students to visit again and, ultimately, enroll. These are good events to consider if you’re on the fence about a school, haven’t visited yet, or just want to be extra sure that this is your top-choice. Try to attend if possible and be sure to take extensive notes, talk with other students and university officials, and get all your questions answered.

Keep Up the Hard Work!

You got in but the school year isn’t over! Colleges will request your final high school transcripts, and there have been cases where colleges have rescinded offers of admission after seeing poor second semester grades. Keep up the hard work that got you an acceptance in the first place. Prepare for final and AP exams, keep up with your homework, participate in class, and continue to make an impact in your extracurricular activities. Senior year is almost over so make the most of it!

Getting an acceptance from your top-choice college is extremely rewarding and should be celebrated! Take your time to enjoy the news, weigh your options, and enroll in the school that is the best fit for you!

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