6 Healthy Ways to Unwind While Waiting For Admissions Decisions

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

How to Unwind While Waiting for Application ResultsMany college-bound students who applied in the early round are holding their breath for their admissions decisions from their list of best-fit schools. After months of test preparation, studying, essay writing, and visiting schools, sometimes waiting for the results of this hard work can feel like the most difficult part of the entire process, especially if you still have regular decision applications to complete.

While it is unlikely that any activity can completely distract students from worrying about their application fate, there are a variety of ways to keep calm and collected while waiting for admissions decisions. It’s okay to take time to relax and decompress after submitting your early applications, but remember to make the most of this time, too.

Re-Commit to Your Interests

It can be hard to give extracurricular activities your all when you’re also studying for the SAT or ACT and revising your personal statement. Now that applications are in, take advantage of this extra time to explore the interests and passions that you care most about. Prioritizing activities that interest you and bring you joy is a great way to avoid obsessing over each college you applied to.

Try Something New

In addition to focusing on your current interests, the second semester of senior year can be an excellent time for students to broaden their horizons. Whether it’s taking an art class, trying a MOOC, or simply crossing books off of your reading list, consider challenging your mind in new ways and exploring different learning opportunities. In addition to helping students stay busy, this is a great way to prepare for the new experiences that come with attending college.


Even students who don’t consider themselves writers can benefit from the self-reflective process off discussing their feelings via quick journal entries. Take a pen to paper to unpack your fears about the admissions process, how you will cope with different outcomes, and what you have already learned about yourself by compiling your applications. The college application process is an amazing opportunity to discover what makes you tick and your goals for the future. Don’t be afraid to dive deep and dissect your experience.

Reach Out to Friends

It’s important to remember that you’re not in this alone; students all around the country (and world) are in the same boat. Catch up with peers who are also awaiting admissions outcomes and plan outings that are fun and relaxing, such as a spa day or movie night. Sometimes, discussing your emotions with a friend can help you feel more confident and supported throughout the process.

Get Moving

There are countless studies that point to the stress-relieving benefits of physical activity, so it might be worth working some exercise into your weekly routine. Don’t worry if you’re not necessarily a lifelong athlete; even simple activities like going for a walk or dancing around your room can provide mood-boosting benefits!

Put it in Perspective

While this waiting period may seem endless, remember that it is temporary and just one part of your college search process. Within the next few weeks, you will receive admissions outcomes and transition to the next component of the application process: choosing where to enroll. Instead of trying to forecast your fate, make the most of each day and all of the opportunities that await you.

While the college process can feel overwhelming, it is also an exciting opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and take a big step towards their future goals. If you are preparing for your own college search, our team of admissions counselors can help you feel confident about every step in the application process.

Want to know when your school is releasing their admissions decisions? Check out our Early Decision Notification Dates post.

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