2015 IvyWise College Counseling Student Success

Thursday, May 7, 2015

IvyWise Class of 2015 ResulstIvyWise’s Class of 2015 Gained Admission to Over 260 Colleges Including All 8 Ivy Leagues and Stanford!

The 2014-15 application season was a great one for IvyWise students, with 92% gaining admission to one or more of their top-three choice colleges! This year’s class gained admission to over 260 colleges and universities, including all eight Ivy League colleges, Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and NYU, to name a few. In honor of this year’s class, we’ve created an infographic of their success and highlights of how IvyWise has guided students throughout the college admissions process for over 17 years now!

To learn more about our counseling for college, the IvyWise class of 2015 and hear from one of our pro bono students who gained admission to four Ivy League colleges, check out this month’s newsletter!

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