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Principal College Admissions Counselor
Academic Advisor
Graduate Admissions Counselor

Former Admissions Officer at Stanford University


Kelly is a former Admissions Officer at Stanford University’s Office of Undergraduate Admission and Graduate School of Education.  

At Stanford, Kelly served as an Admissions and Diversity Officer as well as International Center liaison, working both in undergraduate admissions and graduate admissions in the School of Education. Kelly previously served as an Enrollment Manager at California College of the Arts, a college counselor at an independent college preparatory high school, an academic advisor at University of San Francisco, and an independent college counselor. Kelly has also taught English, art and art history in Italy, as well as teaching Italian and art in the US. 

During Kelly’s career in admissions, she reviewed thousands of applications from around the world as well as the US, in all majors, as well as in specific art programs, including BFA and MFA, and joint degree programs in Education and Law, Business and Public Policy. At the Stanford Graduate School of Education, Kelly was a one-woman operation, overseeing all aspects of graduate admissions operations, application reviews and academic advising for prospective students.  

Kelly enjoys working with students with a variety of interests and backgrounds, including the arts, social sciences, education, language, business, entrepreneurship, and more. Her experience as a Professor of Cross-cultural Communication at Hult International Business School and starting her own international transition consulting business makes her a great fit for students with an entrepreneurial spirit like hers. Kelly reviewed 3,400+ graduate applications annually and uses that experience when guiding students in developing their graduate school narratives, research plans, strategic school lists, and crafting their personal statements to fit their specific schools of interest. 

Kelly earned her BA in art history and fine art at UC Davis and an MA in Museum Studies, Italian Studies and Photography in Florence, Italy. She also holds professional certificates in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School, International Organizations Management from the University of Geneva, and International Tourism Management from the International Institute of Tourism. Kelly is active in NACAC and NAFSA, continuing her education with ongoing professional development coursework. 

Given Kelly’s broad background in the arts and arts admissions, she also brings niche expertise in developing and reviewing visual art portfolios, not only for arts-focused students but also those seeking to submit optional portfolios to highlight their creativity to enhance their applications to other programs. Kelly enjoys working with students interested in the social sciences, education and the arts, where she can provide first-hand knowledge and application of these areas. Kelly has participated in multiple National Portfolio Day events as an admissions rep and portfolio reviewer. 

Kelly is a student advocate and educator first and foremost, so her counseling approach is focused on helping her students engage in the self-discovery process, to go beyond what is expected of them, and get passionate about their roles in shaping their future. Kelly has found a particular interest in guiding students who struggle to find their path, encouraging them to understand and reveal what makes them distinct, adding color, curiosity, and creativity to their applications so they can connect with admissions officers. And having lived around the world, counseling students from all backgrounds and regions, Kelly brings additional experience and appreciation in working with international students, just as much as domestic students. 

As a multilingual creative expressive and linguist/language teacher, Kelly prides herself on devising innovative ways to make her students shine and communicate their ‘specialness,’ demystifying the admissions process to make it more of a creative journey together, no matter which major or path. 

Additionally, Kelly brings hands-on experience in gap year and study abroad advising, as she is a former International Studies Director with the Council on International Educational Exchange, guiding students in their academic, cultural and career explorations all over the map.  

Kelly jumps at the chance to travel whenever and wherever she can (having lived in Italy for a decade and visited six out of seven continents), but when she’s not flying around the globe you can find Kelly volunteering with refugees transitioning to the US and teaching Italian. She is still an active writer and artist, working mostly in photography and poetry, and is currently teaching herself to play ukulele and lei-making as she spends half the year living in Hawaii. 

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