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Principal College Admissions Counselor

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions,
Johns Hopkins University

Kate specializes in students interested in STEM programs, including computer science and biomedical engineering, students interested in pre-medical programs, and students seeking admission to highly selective schools.

Kate is a former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Johns Hopkins University, and has extensive experience working with students interested in STEM and pre-medical programs.

Kate graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a BA in communications. In her five years as an admissions director at JHU, Kate traveled all over the country and worked with students from a variety of backgrounds, with her main reading regions including the Silicon Valley of California and the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas. She’s read thousands of applications and worked closely with the Dean of Admissions making the final decisions on the incoming class, so she knows what it takes to gain admission to highly selective universities like JHU.

As a counselor, Kate works to help alleviate student stress by maintaining a laid-back, yet structured approach. She enjoys working with students to help them establish clear academic and personal goals, and encourages organization in order to help students stay on track with their college prep. Kate especially enjoys helping students find their voice in their essays.

Kate also volunteers for the non-profit organization Soccer Without Borders, helping students put together their college applications, edit essays, and assist in the financial aid process.

In her free time, Kate enjoys reading – she’s currently trying to read 52 books per year – yoga, hiking, and spending time with her husband and rescue dog, Millie.

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