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Spotlight on Latin American Studies

Latin American studies is an exciting and unique concentration that gives students a specialized global perspective. In these programs, students study the politics, history, culture, and language of Latin American countries and become experts on the many intricate and fascinating aspects of these nations. Students have the opportunity to graduate with an interdisciplinary major, and colleges across the country have developed programs and institutes that provide student bodies with highly specialized educations in the field.

Students passionate about this subject may begin preparing for college courses and an eventual degree in Latin American studies in high school. Certain summer programs, extracurricular activities, reading material, and courses can be explored to show colleges how a student has gone above and beyond to explore his or her interests when it comes time for applications. For example, taking a course in Latin American History online in addition to school coursework demonstrates commitment and outside pursuit of this topic.

If you’re interested in pursuing Latin American studies, IvyWise can help you identify your best fit schools and programs of interest, can offer comprehensive research about Latin American studies opportunities, and guide you through schools’ admissions requirements and applications. By planning ahead, you can study in one of the top Latin American studies programs in the country!

Top institutes, like the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, provide students with comprehensive undergraduate programs including interdisciplinary degrees in Latin American studies, Latin American studies minors, and certificates in Latin American studies. These centers host conference, events, and speakers in conjunction with other institutes and many schools have Latin American libraries that provide students with hundreds of resources for research.

Additionally, many programs provide and encourage study abroad opportunities so that students can gain first hand experience exploring and learning in the countries on which their courses focus. Strong programs have faculty that continuously engage in research and collaborate with other Latin American scholars abroad, and that have established strong connections with schools and projects around the world. SUNY Albany, for example, offers programs in Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Spain and faculty research collaborations have been established with universities in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Trinidad.

Here are some other schools with excellent programs and institutes in Latin American studies:


Majors and minors in Latin American studies develop unique skillsets allowing them to graduate into relevant careers around the world. Professions in law, public policy, immigration services, lobbying, banking, education, government work, and more are common paths for graduates within this discipline. This subject is both interesting and versatile, and with the right guidance, students can succeed in the Latin American studies discipline and in a diverse pool of professional pursuits.


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