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QUIZ: Do You Know The Truth About College Admissions?

With all of the stress, pressure and confusion surrounding the college admissions process, it’s no wonder that people start to develop their own theories on how it all works. You’ve likely heard a “secret” admissions rumor from a friend of a friend that has made you panic. But what is the truth?

Admissions rubrics change every year and vary from school to school. Factors that may have boosted applications in the past might not today. At IvyWise we help students and parents demystify the process. Our College Admissions Quiz will give you a better idea of what is fact and fiction.

Keep track of your answers and see how you scored at the end!

1. Visiting a school and applying is really all I need to do to make myself known to the admissions office.

2. Most of the country’s top-tier schools are very expensive and unaffordable for the average person.

3. Test scores are about half as important as grades.

4. Colleges want well-rounded students.

5. Your essay should highlight something about you that the admissions office couldn’t learn anywhere else on your application.

6. College admissions officers are looking up applicants online and on social media.

7. Extracurricular activities only matter during the school year.

Now, tally up how many you got right and let’s see how you did!

0-2 Correct: You may need to brush up a little more on your admissions knowledge. There are many great resources out there that can help you demystify the college admissions process, and it never hurts to talk to an expert! The IvyWise team of admissions counselors has over 100 collective years of admissions experience, and can answer any questions you may have about the process in our Initial Consultation.

3-5 Correct: You’re almost ready to hit ‘submit’! You have a good, general understanding of the admissions process and what colleges and universities are looking for in an applicant, but there’s more to learn. There are many components of college planning and applications, and it’s important to remain on track. Download one of our college planning checklists to make sure you’re confident and ready when it comes time to submit your applications.

5-7 Correct: You’re on your way to a great admissions season! You understand what it takes to stand out in a competitive applicant pool and how important it is to stay informed about changes in the college admissions process. While your admissions IQ is great, it never hurts to get a second opinion. IvyWise offers short-term and long-term programs to fit a variety of needs. From checking an application for red flags to helping edit essays, we provide services to fit any family’s needs.


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