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IvyWise Results: Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

IvyWise Results: Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

IvyWise’s class of 2018 was one of our most successful yet, with our students gaining admission to some of the most selective colleges and universities in the US, including all eight Ivy Leagues and Stanford. Here’s where our students were accepted for the college class of 2022.

Even though many colleges and universities reported record-low admission rates for the class of 2022, our students’ performance has been consistently well above average, with IvyWise students more than three times as likely to get into highly-selective institutions.

Average Acceptance Rates



This year, 91% of our students gained admission to one or more of their top-three choice colleges, with those same students receiving over 425 acceptances from over 170 different colleges and universities. Here are just a few of the institutions our students were accepted to this year:

Boston University

Princeton University

Brown UniversityStanford University
California Institute of TechnologyTufts University
Columbia UniversityUCLA
Cornell UniversityUniversity of California – Berkeley
Dartmouth CollegeUniversity of Chicago
Duke UniversityUniversity of Michigan
Emory UniversityUniversity of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Georgetown UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
Harvard UniversityUniversity of Southern California
Johns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Virginia
Middlebury CollegeVanderbilt University
MITWake Forest University
New York UniversityWashington University in St. Louis
Northwestern UniversityWilliams College
Pitzer CollegeYale University


At IvyWise, our goal is to help our students achieve their personal and academic goals, including gaining admission to their best-fit colleges and universities. The college admissions process isn’t just about grades and test scores – it’s also about helping students discover who they are, their passions, and what they want out of their education. We work with students to help them make the most of their high school experience, craft balanced lists of best-fit colleges, and put together applications that best represent who they are inside and outside of the classroom. Every year we work with a number of pro bono students as part of our IvyWise Gives Back initiative, and this year our pro bono students received acceptances from Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Emory, and Rice, just to name a few. Read further to learn more about the IvyWise process and how it has help students achieve these amazing results.

IvyWise Student Story
We spoke with IvyWise pro bono student Vivian about what it’s like to apply to college and how personalized guidance from IvyWise helped her through the process.

Tell us a little about your background, interests, and your college and career goals.
I come from an Asian family who immigrated to America with nothing. I believe that education will allow me the ability to grow as a person and as an individual who can help support my family. Ultimately, my goal is to pursue a career in data science.

What did you find most challenging about applying to college?
The most challenging part was writing essays. For me, words do not come easily due to the fact English is my second language.

What did you enjoy the most about applying to college?
The most enjoyable part about applying to college is learning about a multitude of available programs at each university and enjoyed being taught that I should look into colleges on a deeper level.

How did your IvyWise counselor help you navigate the process?
She has helped me with my college search, ironed out my ideas, and helped me feel more confident rather than filled with anxiety about my college application.

How did you grow during the college admissions process and what advice was most valuable to you?
I learned that each college is different, and that you need to research and find out if you really fit there. At first, I was all about the name brand of a college, but I realized that I did not want to be in a classroom with over one hundred students. I revaluated my whole college list. Advice that has been most valuable so far is be honest, and be yourself because college admission representatives are people too.

What advice would you give to students preparing for college?
The advice I would give would be to not be afraid to be yourself. Colleges want a person not a paper!

Vivian was accepted Early Decision to Bryn Mawr College – class of 2022!

Want to learn more about how IvyWise can help you achieve your college admissions goals? Contact us today for more information on our college counseling services and to set up an Initial Consultation.