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College Prep 101: How to Develop Your STEM Interest

By Kate, IvyWise College Admissions Counselor

You’re great at math, you love your science class, or that java course you took really clicked with you, so naturally everyone is suggesting you look at STEM majors in college, right? Science, technology, engineering, and math programs and course offerings have taken off at high schools as the world and job market continue to evolve and advance technologically. As students and parents start to think about the future, STEM majors seem like a secure and stimulating job path. But “STEM” is a big umbrella under which many majors and fields exist. It is important to narrow down your interests in high school to make an informed choice about your college path.

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Transfer Admission Rates: What are Your Chances of Getting In?

The transfer admissions process can often be even more selective than regular undergraduate admissions, and with 35% of college students transferring at least once, it’s important to understand exactly how difficult (or not!) it is to transfer to your dream school.

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Your Test Prep Early

By Priyam, IvyWise Master Tutor

The spring semester is a popular testing time for college-bound students and is often the first time that high school juniors crack open an SAT or ACT prep book. What’s important for younger students to realize, however, is that starting test prep early – even in 9th or 10th grade – can help students have the best chance of reaching their goal scores and mitigate the stress caused by too much testing at once.

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Is Your College List Unbalanced? How to Know If You Have Too Many “Reach” Schools

It’s important to dream big when planning for your future, but college bound students also need to dream smart when it comes to their college lists. A list too heavy on “reach” schools leads to an unbalanced college list and a greater chance of students being left with few offers of admission come decision day.

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