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What To Do If You’ve Been Deferred

Getting deferred from your top choice school can be disappointing, but don’t despair! There are a number of steps that students can take after a deferral to improve their admission chances in the regular round.

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5 Tips to Help You Ace Your Final or Mid-Term Exams

By Priyam, IvyWise Master Tutor

Preparing for mid-term or final exams this December can be a stressful process, as some students’ grades can depend heavily on these comprehensive tests – and grades are the most important factor in the college admissions process. There are a number of ways, however, that students can approach their exam prep in order to alleviate anxiety and perform their best on test day.

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Creating a College Prep Plan for 2019

As 2018 winds down, high school students have another semester of courses, grades, activities, and more under their belts, making it the perfect time to reevaluate their college prep plans – or start from scratch if they haven’t yet created one.

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Life After Early Apps: How to Stay Motivated Through Regular Decision Deadlines

By Zach, IvyWise College Admissions Counselor

For high school seniors who applied early to their top-choice schools, October was a whirlwind as they completed applications and supplements for schools with November deadlines. Since then, students may have taken a well-deserved deep breath, but early decision notification dates loom – as do regular application deadlines. So how can seniors stay motivated as they wait for their early application results?

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