What You Need to Know Before You Apply to Duke

Monday, November 18, 2019

Duke university early decision notification dateLearn More About this Top College Before Applying

Duke University is a renowned university in North Carolina with a rich history, top-tier academics and lots of school spirit. Consequently, it is an extremely popular choice amongst high school seniors with a variety of different interests and specialties.

As Duke University’s acceptance rate has continued to plummet in recent years, many applicants are left to wonder what it takes to be competitive. Keep reading to learn more about the institution and how students can stand out.

The Basics
Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina, that was founded in 1838. The institution was started by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity but was later relocated to Durham. Duke’s campus spans over 8,600 acres and includes a multitude of schools for undergraduate and graduate studies, including a business school, a medical school and a law school. The institution also houses the world’s largest sanctuary for rare and endangered primates as well as a marine laboratory and multiple gardens.

Application 101
The acceptance rate for Duke University has dropped to as low as 5.7% for the regular round in recent years. Students have the option to apply to the University through either Early Decision or the regular round process. The deadline for Early Decision applications is November 1 and for regular decision it is January 2. Students who are interested in an alumni interview are encouraged to apply by December 20 to receive priority consideration.

All applicants must include either the SAT or the ACT. Those who choose the first option are encouraged to also submit two SAT Subject Tests. Applicants must also submit a secondary school report, a high school transcript, two teacher recommendation letters as well as one from a counselor, and a mid-year grade report. Students have the option to submit supplementary material, such as an arts portfolio or demo tape. The University accepts both Common App and Coalition applications.

The Numbers
Given Duke’s competitive acceptance rate, many students are eager to learn what it takes to stand out. Applicants should ensure that their grades and test scores align with those of Duke’s admitted class from the prior year. For the Class of 2022, the middle 50% range for SAT scores for accepted students was 1490-1560, and for ACT scores it was 33-35. Duke doesn’t officially report the GPA ranges for admitted applicants, but students should assume that they will need to maintain top grades in order to be competitive at such a selective school. Last year, Duke’s regular decision acceptance rate was 5.7%, while the admissions rate for Early Decision applicants was 21% for the Class of 2022.

Setting Yourself Apart
While grades and test scores are some of the most important factors for admission at any competitive university, students must compose multi-dimensional applications in order to be competitive. This means writing compelling admissions essays and supplements, demonstrating their goals and passions and conveying their knowledge of the institution and their interest in attending. Instead of focusing solely on grades, students should put every effort into each component of their application to create a comprehensive document that they are truly proud of.

While Duke University is a top-tier institution that can make an excellent choice for many applicants, all students should ensure that their college lists are balanced. If you are currently compiling your own list of institutions to apply to and need additional guidance, our team of college admissions experts can point you in the right direction.




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