What Is the Student Life at MIT Like?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Interior Of Busy University Campus Building With StudentsMany students with a passion for science and mathematics dream of attending a top-ranked STEM-focused school like MIT. The institution is known for its renowned faculty, robust alumni network, and ample research opportunities for both undergraduate students and graduate students.

While most aspiring applicants are well-versed in the school’s academic offerings, far fewer know what student life is like at MIT. Keep reading to learn more about MIT’s collaborative, hands-on, and curiosity-driven ethos, and how this manifests throughout their entire campus.

What Are Students Like at MIT?

When applicants are getting ready to apply to MIT, they should strive to get a full picture of what the school is like and the opportunities it has to offer. In addition to perusing the available fields of study and research opportunities, applicants should aim to learn more about the undergraduate student body.

Generally speaking, students at MIT are known for their intellectual curiosity, their commitment and dedication towards excelling in their chosen field, and their collaborative spirit. Since undergraduate students and graduate students both have the chance to participate in research, applicants should expect their peers to be proactive and engaged learners.

How Many Students Are at MIT?

For the 2021-2022 academic year, there were 4,638 undergraduate students enrolled at MIT. In total, there were nearly 12,000 students on campus, meaning MIT has approximately 7,500 graduate students and PhD students as well.

Do MIT Students Have Fun?

MIT students have plenty of opportunities to have fun on MIT’s campus. The institution has more than 500 student organizations, nearly 40 Greek-letter and independent living groups, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion that ensures that everyone feels welcomed on campus.

What Are Some Characteristics of MIT Students?

Students at MIT are known for their curious spirit, their collaborative nature, and their appreciation for a good hack, which is a tradition at MIT. Given MIT’s exceptionally competitive admissions process and the long list of successful MIT alumni, it’s no surprise that most MIT students are academically gifted and dedicated to excelling at the field of study they choose to pursue.

What Is the Student Life at MIT Like?

Since MIT is committed to cultivating a community of students that are inspired, engaged, and collaborative, most people on campus will agree that student life is a highlight of their MIT experience. There are a variety of components that set MIT’s student experience apart, including:

Clubs and Student Activities

Students have no shortage of options for extracurricular activities on MIT’s campus. The institution has a diverse array of clubs, including the Laboratory for Chocolate Science, the Science Fiction Society, and a Puppy Lab that deploys the scientifically-proven stress-relieving effects of animal interaction to improve the state of community mental health and wellness. In addition to clubs, students can join one of MIT’s 33 varsity sports teams or participate in an intramural sports league. There are also a variety of arts programs and a symphony orchestra that students can audition to join.

Campus Life

Most students will agree that the MIT campus is warm and inviting. Everyone is encouraged to join activities that relate to their interests, or even start a club of their own. MIT has several annual traditions that are known for bringing students together, including a puzzlehunt competition known as MIT Mystery Hunt and a yearly Pi Day celebration.

Diversity & Inclusion

MIT is committed to bringing a diverse array of student perspectives to campus each year. The institution’s admissions officers look at each application holistically, taking account of many different factors that have shaped a student’s experience, including their racial, ethnic, social, economic, and educational context. In addition to admitting students from across the United States, MIT also accepts a number of international students each year, including 136 for the Class of 2026.

Housing & Dining

Housing and dining options are a highlight of student life at MIT. Residence halls are part entertainment center, part support system, and wholly central to the MIT experience. There are multiple accommodations made to support disabled students, as well as members of faculty who live in each residency to offer additional guidance for students as they navigate college living. Dining at MIT is about choice and flexibility, which is why the institution provides five dining halls, nearly 20 retail eateries, and meal plans that allow students to enjoy all of it.

Health & Wellness

MIT has plenty of resources to ensure students continue feeling their best, mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are exercise and fitness classes for students who are looking for some endorphins, stress reduction and mindfulness workshops, and a language conversation exchange that allows students to practice a new language with a native speaker.

Quality of Life and Student Satisfaction

If you’re looking for proof that students are happy with their experience on MIT’s campus, look no further than the MIT Student Quality of Life Survey. According to the most recent results, 91% of students reported being somewhat or very satisfied with their experience as a student at MIT. MIT also has one of the highest freshman retention rates, in addition to an impressive graduation rate.

Become the Next MIT Student With IvyWise

Between MIT’s unparalleled academic offerings and its commitment to cultivating an engaging student experience, it’s easy to understand why so many students are interested in gaining a seat in an upcoming class. If you’re hoping to attend MIT, learn more about the role that college counseling services can play in turning this dream into a reality.


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