What If I Get Placed On The Waitlist?

Friday, March 17, 2017

what if i get placed on the waitlist.jpgTips and Resources for Waitlisted Students

As colleges begin notifying applicants of their regular admission decisions, many students end up faced with a puzzling outcome: the waitlist. While getting placed on the waitlist is not an ideal situation, there is a lot that students can do to effectively address the situation and improve their chances of admission should they choose to remain on the waitlist.

What is the waitlist?

The waitlist is all about a college making sure they’re able to build a well-rounded freshman class. After the May 1 enrollment deadline passes, colleges will evaluate who actually accepted their offer of admission, and fill any slots left behind by students who chose to go somewhere else with students from the waitlist. Waitlists are not ranked, and students are admitted off the waitlist based on the needs of the university. For example, if fewer engineering majors enrolled than expected, the university might go to the waitlist and admit students who indicated they want to study engineering.

Tips for Waitlisted Students

Here are some articles for waitlisted students that include advice on what to do next and how to improve your chances of admission should you choose to remain on the waitlist.

Additional Resources for Waitlisted Students

Below are some additional waitlist resources for students. These include information on the waitlist itself, additional next-steps, and your chances of admission.

IvyWise Waitlist Consultation

If you were waitlisted and need additional guidance on what to do next, IvyWise offers a waitlist consultation, where a member of our team of expert counselors will review your application from the school to which you were waitlisted, and provided a plan of action to improve your chances of being admitted off the waitlist. Our team will also help you evaluate your current offers of admission and help you choose the college that’s the best fit for your needs or goals.

Remember, a waitlist decision is not the end of the world. Take time to evaluate your options and make choices that are the best-fit for your needs and goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your college counselor, or an independent counselor, if you need it. Stay positive!


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