What are the Chances of Getting into Your Top-Choice College?

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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With the deadline for regular round college applications right around the corner, many high school seniors are curious about the acceptance rates at their top-choice institutions. It’s natural to wonder what your chances of admission are, but how can students properly evaluate their acceptance odds?

While there is no universal formula for calculating your chances of admission, there are plenty of resources and factors that students can utilize and review. Keep reading to understand how to assess your chances of admission at your top-choice institutions.

Do Your Research
As most applicants know, there is a great range regarding selectivity amongst colleges. Some universities may accept 70% of the applications they receive while other institutions admit 10% or less. Before finalizing your list of best-fit schools, make sure it includes a balanced array of choices, including targets, reaches and likelies. In order to make sure your list is accurate, do your due diligence and research the admissions rates and related statistics for each college you are considering. Knowledge is power – and the more students know about the admissions process, the more likely they are to excel and feel confident throughout the journey.

Crunch the Numbers
One of the best things prospective applicants can do to gain an understanding of their admissions odds is to refer to the admitted class profile, which is published on most university webpages. While format and specific statistics may vary, this content usually includes some hard facts about the admissions process, such as the median SAT scores for admitted students or the percentage of students who were high school valedictorians. These statistics can provide benchmarks for applicants regarding the GPAs and standardized test scores needed to be competitive, therefore helping students to more realistically evaluate their admissions odds.

Reach Out When Needed
If students have burning questions about the admissions process, they may wish to consider reaching out to the admissions office at their top-choice college. While no institution will be able to provide prospective applicants with a concrete percentage chance of admission, university officials can address specific queries regarding the application process. Whether it’s a deadline that is unclear or a question regarding supplemental essays, students should make sure they are 100% clear about application guidelines before hitting “submit”.

Admissions Odds 101
Curious about what the admissions statistics look like at some of the most selective and well-known universities? Below, we include some key facts regarding acceptance rates, average GPAs, and median SAT/ACT scores at some popular colleges:

Yale University: 6.3% acceptance rate; 95% of admitted students in the top 10% of their class; 87% of admitted applicants with an ACT score of 32-36

Northeastern University: 19% acceptance rate; 33-35 is the middle 50% ACT range; 1470-1550 is the middle 50% SAT range; 4.1-4.5 is the average high school GPA

Pennsylvania State University: 50% acceptance rate; 3.55-3.97 is the middle 50% GPA range; 1250-1430 is the middle 50% SAT range; 28-32 is the middle 50% ACT range

The statistics above illustrate the great variance amongst institutions throughout the admissions process. Some universities are far more selective than others and their admissions statistics reflect this. Students need to be realistic about their admissions odds, academic strengths and weaknesses, and current profile in order to compile a college list that is balanced and realistic.

While there is no magic 8 ball that applicants can use to learn their admissions fate in advance, students can assess their application odds by doing their research and learning about the factors at play. Our team of college admissions experts can help you to compile a balanced list of best-fit schools and pinpoint choices that align with your goals and circumstances.



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