How to Ace Your College Admissions Interview

Monday, October 10, 2016

college admissions interviewAdmissions Interviews Can Help You Stand Out and Demonstrate Interest


Now that we are at the height of application season, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the possibility of a college admissions interview. This is a chance for the college to put a face to the name on your application, and it is your opportunity to stand out and provide some additional context for your application.

While many large universities don’t typically offer admissions interviews, smaller colleges or specific programs at larger institutions sometimes recommend students do an interview as part of their application. This is part of the holistic review process, and is just another way for the admissions committee to get to know you better. Admissions interviews are also a big part of the graduate admissions process.

While this may seem intimidating, the more stressed you are during the interview, the less your true colors will be able to shine through. It is important to harness this energy and use it to your advantage to present your best self!

Here are some tips on how to ace your college admissions interview.

Be Prepared

You want to treat this like a job interview and show the interviewer a demonstrated interest in the school at hand. Be prepared and do your research. Your interviewer will fully expect that you are knowledgeable about the school that you are applying to and they will test this knowledge during your time together. They will also expect for you to be able to explain why you want to attend and how you plan to contribute to the campus community if admitted.

Practice Makes Perfect
Be sure to practice your handshake, posture and body language for your interview. Also be sure to practice potential interview questions beforehand so you do not feel blindsided by any questions that they may ask. Have different people ask you questions in different ways so you are ready for anything when the time comes.

Be Mindful of Small Gestures
There are a few small things that can make a big difference when going into any interview, whether it be for college admissions or a job. Make sure that you are about 10-15 minutes early for the meeting, and make sure to dress as you would for a job interview. Making eye contact and proving a strong handshake and proper interview etiquette will go a long way. Additionally, turn your cell phone off and block out any potential distractions prior to the meeting.

Confidence is Key
Firstly, relax and be yourself. The more stressed out you are, the more likely you are to stumble, forget your answers, or not present your best-self. Confidence is always key in situations like this where someone is trying to read you. Treat it like a conversation and avoid being too scripted or memorizing anything. Avoid answering the questions based on what you think they want to hear. Be genuine and let your true colors shine through. They will recognize and appreciate your confidence!

Stand Out
One sure way to stand out is to send a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer after the meeting. Be sure to thank him or her for their time, and mention something that you discussed during the meeting that will help them remember you.

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