High School Graduation Checklist

Monday, May 16, 2022

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What To Do Before You Pick Up Your Diploma

Seniors, graduation is right around the corner! As you prepare for your finals and AP exams, check out this graduation checklist to make sure you’ll be all ready for the big day!

Pick up Your Cap and Gown

Before you get your diploma, make sure you have these key pieces of apparel. Some schools even allow you to decorate your hat to show your personality, let spectators know your future plans, and help your family spot you in the sea of fellow graduates.

Take Plenty of Pictures

As school winds down, take pictures with friends and family to capture great memories. Fill frames or make a scrapbook to bring with you to college in the fall!

Thank Your Teachers

Through tough courses, exams, recommendations, and more your teachers have been there for you. Make sure you write them a special thank you to show your appreciation for helping you get to this momentous occasion.

Make Sure All Your Assignments Are Turned In

This may seem like a given, but in the whirl of graduation excitement some last minute assignments may be momentarily forgotten. While the end is in sight, make sure you tie up any loose ends and finish all your classes strong.

Send Thank You Notes for Gifts

Graduation is a special occasion, and friends and family may recognize your accomplishment with graduation gifts. Make sure you thank those who are thinking of you this time of year.

Participate in Senior Traditions

In your final weeks of senior year, go out with a bang! Senior traditions are a great way end your high school experience. Leave a positive mark on your school, and set an example for underclassmen who look up to you and are looking forward to their own senior years!

Send Graduation Announcements

Let your friends and family know the good news! Send out graduation announcements to tell those you love what you have accomplished.


Enjoy yourself during this special time. Celebrate finishing high school and starting the next chapter in your life with friends and family. There is a lot too look forward to!


Good luck with finals and congratulations to the class of 2022!

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