Finding Your Best Fit School: Spotlight on Skidmore College

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finding Your Best Fit School: Spotlight on Skidmore College

Skidmore Dining

This week one of our new interns, Sara, shares why she chose Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. Sara will be a freshman at Skidmore this fall:

I knew when I first visited campus that Skidmore was the school for me, and after a second visit decided to apply Early Decision. When asked why I chose Skidmore, I can never form a quick and concise answer. There are so many reasons, but to sum it up, I’ll walk you through my campus visits.

When my family arrived at Skidmore, I really wasn’t too enthusiastic. Having just visited Syracuse University and Colgate University, I was tired and ready to head home, but I’m so glad I didn’t. We were running late, and the group had already left for the tour, leaving my family and me stranded at admissions. Luckily, a student working in the admissions department greeted my family and personally walked us to the assembly hall where the information session was held. Right from the start, I could sense how Skidmore had a welcoming community and made students feel taken care of and comfortable. 

On the tour, I saw how beautiful the buildings looked – particularly the music building, Zankel Hall, which was recently redone. I was also able to see inside classrooms and dorm rooms. While touring, I never encountered a student who didn’t say “hello” or “come to Skidmore!” As a note, Skidmore also has amazing chocolate chip cookies! You can taste these as you pass through the colorful cafeteria on the tour. Having a cafeteria that provides ample food choices is extremely important to me and I try to eat relatively healthy, but given the chance, I always have to eat a Skidmore chocolate chip cookie!

When I returned to campus for a second visit, I sat in on a Calculus I class. The class was reviewing for a test on topics that I was covering in my advanced high school calculus class, so I was able to follow along and even participate. Some of the students in the class asked me to help solve problems and answer their questions. I felt involved and included. When I left to meet my parents, I immediately said, “This is the school for me. I’m applying early.”

Currently, I don’t know what I want to major or minor in. I have a ton of interests varying from music, to languages, to computer science. Skidmore’s vast curriculum ensures that I can take classes in all of my interests while still maintaining a general liberal arts education. There are countless opportunities for students to partake in, such as conducting research with a professor on campus or helping the elderly in Saratoga Springs. At a school with about 2,500 undergraduates, I know I’ll have close relationships with many students yet there will always be more people to meet. I’ll never be bored!

Before leaving, we walked around and were impressed with how much Skidmore’s campus felt like home. I’d always find assistance when needed and felt that by the end of four years I’d leave knowing I was an integral part of Skidmore’s community. Ultimately, it felt right.

Insider tip: Choose a school that will benefit you academically, but also socially, and will allow you to pursue your interests. It’s important to feel a school is right for you in all regards. Your college or university should help you grow as a person. When you do attend college, try taking a course in a subject matter that you’ve either never considered before or didn’t like when you were younger. Your interests change as you get older, so take advantage of all the classes your college or university offers.






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