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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

Washington Square ArchThis week, our Executive Assistant, Amanda, shares what she loved about attending New York University in New York City, New York:

It’s a struggle to identify just one thing that made my NYU experience so special. So many different memories play out in my mind — the lively debates in my Gallatin School seminars, trying to get a tan in between classes in Washington Square Park, late night trips to Spanish Harlem with my sorority sisters in search of the best tacos in New York, stumbling upon hidden salsa clubs in the East Village, even the all-nighters in Bobst Library (still one of the best libraries I’ve ever visited). I realize that it’s hard to separate these experiences into either an “NYU” category or a “New York” category. This is because, as founder Albert Gallatin said, NYU is truly “in and of the city” of New York.

As an NYU student, I had the city and all it has to offer at my fingertips. All of my classes were conducted within the context of New York’s rich history and cultural scene. As a student in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I spent my four years of college independently designing and implementing an interdisciplinary plan of study. Ultimately, this plan of study became a concentration that I call “Political Communication,” and without the resources of New York City, this concentration would not have been nearly as comprehensive. My internships at the New York State Democratic Committee and the New York City Council were as rewarding as my classroom experiences. My classroom learning was supplemented by experiences such as lectures on religion in media, visits to multimedia exhibitions at the Asia Society Museum, and even trips to view the Colbert Report as part of the live studio audience (for my political communication lecture, naturally)!

But the one thing that challenged and inspired me the most were my fellow students. So many different people with the most varied backgrounds come to NYU in pursuit of the ultimate college experience. If there is one thing that NYU is not, it’s homogenous, just like the city itself. The unique perspectives and talents of the students around me taught me more about myself and my passions than I could have hoped for. I feel so lucky to have spent my college years living and learning alongside some of the most interesting and accomplished people I have ever met. Just like the residents of New York, the students of NYU are an incredibly diverse and impressive group. But if you look around and see the thousands of purple robes in Yankee Stadium on Commencement Day, you’ll see that we are all united by our NYU violet.

Insider Tip: New York City can seem daunting and lonely when you first arrive, but if you take advantage of NYU’s comprehensive student life programs, you’ll be sure to find a niche within the school. From the Chicken and Rice Club, to Greek Life, to the planning committee for the annual Strawberry Fest, there’s definitely a place for everyone. It’s often said that NYU doesn’t have a “real” campus, but in reality, NYU’s campus is centrally located and the campus community is quite tight-knit. My participation in this community gave me so many practical skills that I still use today, in addition to serving as a fun way to meet new and interesting people.

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