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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Getting waitlisted can be a confusing and stressful admissions outcome for college bound students, and with record-low admission rates and record-high applicant pools, many college waitlists are growing while the chances of admission off the waitlist are hard to predict.


Waitlist Stats
Many schools reported growing waitlist numbers this spring like Brown University, which placed 2,724 students on the waitlist for the class of 2022, over 150 more students than were admitted to the class – 2,566. The University of Pennsylvania waitlisted almost 3,500 applicants. For the class of 2022, waitlist outcomes have been mixed. While some colleges are working to admit students off the waitlist to round out the incoming freshman class, others have announced they don’t plan to use their waitlist at all.

Even with a yield rate of 82%, Harvard still plans to admit some students off the waitlist for the class of 2022. This is a departure from last year, where the school’s record-high yield of 84% meant that the Ivy League institution was unable to take any students off of the waitlist for the class of 2021. Harvard expects to be done with the waitlist by the end of June.

While some schools are still utilizing the waitlist to finish building the class of 2022, others aren’t utilizing the waitlist after all. George Washington University announced that for the first time in nine years it wouldn’t be admitting students off of the waitlist for the class of 2022. About 2,000 students accepted a spot on the waitlist this year.

In an email to students, Dartmouth College also announced that it will not be accepting and students off of the waitlist for the class of 2022, after admitting 8.7% of applicants this spring.

Admitting students off of the waitlist can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to the entire summer. Full waitlist statistics for the class of 2022 won’t be available for some time, but the current numbers are able to give families some insight into how competitive the hyper-selective admissions process is, and how difficult it can be to gain admission off of a waitlist.

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