Class of 2022 Admission Rates

Thursday, March 15, 2018

resources for accepted studentsAs Colleges Begin Releasing Admission Decisions, MIT Is One of the First With 6.7% Acceptance Rate

Here’s a look at some of the first admission rates and application numbers from the class of 2022.

It’s looking like it will be another competitive admissions season for the class of 2022, with acceptance rates for the incoming freshman class remaining low and even dropping slightly from the 2016-17, with the release of MIT’s admission rate of 6.7%.

Admission Rates

MIT was one of the first highly selective colleges to release admission decisions this year, notifying students of their application decision on Pi Day. Of the 21,706 students who applied to MIT’s class of 2022, only 1,464 were accepted – just 6.7%. In 2017, MIT admitted a slightly higher percentage of applicants, with an admit rate of 7.1% for the class of 2021.


Application Numbers

Once again, many colleges reported a record-high number of applications for the class of 2022.

This year, NYU reported that 75,307 students applied for admission to the class of 2022 – “the most applicants received by any private university in the United States,” according to the university.

Brown University received a record-high number of applications to the class of 2022, with 35,368 students applying – an 8% increase over the year before. Yale University also reported a record-setting applicant pool, with 35,305 students applying to the class of 2022.

Here are some available admit rates for the class of 2022. Check back for updates as colleges continue to release regular admission decisions and more admission statistics become available!

SchoolClass of 2022 Admission RateClass of 2021 Admission Rate
Barnard College13.7%14.8%
Boston College27%32%
Boston University22%25%
Brown University7.2%8.3%
Colby College13%15.8%
Columbia University5.5%5.8%
Cornell University10.3%12.5%
Dartmouth CollegeTBA10.4%
Davidson College18.7%20%
Duke University8%9%
Georgetown University14.5%15.4%
Georgia Institute of TechnologyTBA23.2%
Harvard University4.59%5.2%
Johns Hopkins University9.9%11.8%
Middlebury College18.4%19.6%
New York University19%28%
Northwestern University8.4%9%
Pomona College6.9%8.2%
Princeton University5.49%6.09%
Stanford University4.29%4.65%
Swarthmore College9.1%10.2%
Tufts UniversityTBA14.8%
Tulane University17%21%
University of ChicagoTBA8.7%
University of Pennsylvania8.4%9.1%
University of Southern California13%16%
University of Virginia26.5%27%
Vanderbilt UniversityTBA10.3%
Washington University in St. Louis15%16%
Wellesley College19%22%
Williams College12.1%14.6%
Yale University6.3%6.9%


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