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Test Prep 101: Guide to the ACT Science Section

By IvyWise on Thursday, September 21, 2017

ACT science section.jpgHere’s What Students Need to Know About the ACT Science Section

By IvyWise Master Tutor

If you’re preparing to take the ACT this fall, it’s important to understand the exam’s content, format, and test-taking strategies in order to maximize your performance on test day. The ACT Science section has long been a source of worry for many students who do not consider themselves strong in the sciences – including those who are deciding which test to take. The ACT’s distinct ‘Science’ section is, after all, the most obvious difference between the ACT and SAT exams. So what can students expect on this portion of the ACT?

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Test Prep 101: SAT and ACT Diagnostics

By IvyWise on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SAT and ACT Diagnostics.jpgStudents Should Take a Full-Length Diagnostic of Both the SAT and ACT

By Megan, IvyWise Tutoring Manager

With application season upon us, it’s time for sophomores and juniors to begin preparing for and taking standardized tests. The first step to preparing for the SAT or ACT is to decide which test is the best fit for your skills and abilities. While there are countless articles comparing the SAT and ACT and why you should take a certain exam, in reality the tests are incredibly similar. Ultimately, there is no clear sign of which test to prepare for without taking diagnostics of each exam.

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Innovative Free Apps To Help You Step Up Your SAT and ACT Vocabulary

By IvyWise on Friday, September 1, 2017

back_to_school_apps.jpgUtilize Free Resoures To Supplement Your Test Prep

By Megan, IvyWise Tutoring Manager

Expanding your vocabulary is important in high school, especially when preparing for the SAT or ACT, as they both have sections that will test your reading skills and your knowledge of certain words and their definitions. There are a number of free apps that students can use to enhance their vocabulary and make the most of their test prep.

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How Many Times Should I Take the SAT or ACT?

By IvyWise on Monday, August 21, 2017

How many times take the sat or actStudents Should Avoid Taking College Entrance Exams Too Many Times

Junior year is a big testing year for college bound students, and as they prepare for the SAT or ACT many students might not be taking the test for the first time. It’s not uncommon for students to take the SAT or ACT multiple times, but how many times is too many?

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Test Prep 101: Guide to the ACT Reading Section

By IvyWise on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Guide to the ACT.jpgHere’s What Students Need to Know About the ACT Reading Section

By IvyWise Master Tutor

If you’re preparing for the ACT with the goal of raising your score on the ACT Reading section, it’s important to know what’s new and how to approach the passages and questions in this section of the exam.

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New ACT Redbook 2018: What’s the Lowdown?

By IvyWise on Thursday, August 3, 2017

2018 act redbook review.jpgHere’s What Students Preparing for the ACT Need to Know About the 2018 Redbook

The makers of the ACT released a new version of their own preparation ‘Redbook’ this past June. While it is mostly resembles that of the previous version, the new release is a great opportunity to discuss how students planning to take the ACT can best make use of the book while preparing for the exam.

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SAT and ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines 2017-18

By IvyWise on Friday, July 21, 2017

sat and act test dates and registration deadlines.jpgHere’s When You Can Take the SAT and ACT

Preparing for the SAT or ACT is a major aspect of the college admissions process, and part of determining the best test prep strategy is to know exactly when you plan to take these college entrance exams. We’ve pulled together the SAT and ACT test dates and registration deadlines for the 2017-18 school year so that college-bound students can access this information in one place – and better prepare for testing this fall and next spring.

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Test Prep 101: Guide to the ACT English Section

By IvyWise on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

ACT English Section GuideHere’s What Students Need to Know About the ACT English Section

By IvyWise Master Tutor

Are you preparing for the ACT this summer? Understanding the exam’s content, format, and strategies to maximize your performance on test day is important in order to make the most of your test prep and, in the end, reach your goal score.

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SAT and ACT Announce Changes for 2017-18 Testing Season

By IvyWise on Thursday, February 23, 2017

2017-18 SAT and ACT Test Date ChangesSAT to Limit International Test Dates, ACT Adding July Administration

Last year saw some big changes for the SAT, and now both the College Board, which administers the SAT, and the ACT have announced changes for the 2017-18 testing season, including tighter security, new test dates, and more.

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SAT and ACT Score Release Dates

By IvyWise on Thursday, November 17, 2016
sat score release datesHere’s When SAT and ACT Scores Come Out


For students applying to college, learning ACT or SAT scores is a big milestone in the admissions journey, and can heavily impact their college prep strategy going forward. If you’re taking the SAT or ACT this academic year, make sure you know when SAT and ACT scores are available and how that factors into your college prep timeline.

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SAT and ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

By IvyWise on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
newsletter - decoding sat scores.jpgHere’s When You Can Take the SAT and ACT


Taking the SAT or ACT is a big element of the college admissions journey for many students, and it’s important for students and parents to know when the exams are offered, when to register, and how much it costs.

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Still Holding Out for the SAT? Why Juniors Should Prep for the January Exam

By IvyWise on Thursday, December 10, 2015
New_SAT.jpgThe January 2016 SAT Is the Last Administration of the Exam in its Current Form

The changes coming to the SAT in March 2016 have left many high school juniors confused about their options and the best approach for tests and test prep. For months, we’ve urged the Class of 2017 to opt for the ACT next spring in order to avoid any uncertainties regarding implementation and scoring that come along with this major overhaul. While we still stand behind the advice for all juniors to prep for the ACT, we realize there are still some that can’t get past the urban myths that ‘some schools prefer SAT’ or ‘the SAT is more coachable than the ACT.’ So for those doubters – with one big caveat – there is still the option to take the SAT in its current format with just one more offering in January 2016.

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2015 ACT Writing Test Changes

By IvyWise on Monday, August 31, 2015
ACT writing test changesThe New ACT Essay Will Be Administered For the First Time on the Sept. 12 Test

With everyone focused on the changes coming to the SAT in the spring of 2016, many have overlooked one major change coming to the ACT this fall: the essay. 

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Test Prep Tips for June ACT and SAT

By IvyWise on Wednesday, May 13, 2015
June SAT ACT Test Prep TipsHere’s What to Do In Order To Be Successful on June Standardized Tests

As the school year comes to a close, many students look forward to taking a much-needed break from studying and exams. However, for students taking the June ACT or SAT, the end of the school year can be an unwelcome event, as the culmination of the semester leaves them little time to prepare for these important tests. For some, the stress of end-of-year exams, AP and IB tests, and other final projects can force students to put off their test prep for the June ACT or SAT – leaving them unprepared come test-day. 

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ACT and SAT Test Prep Resources

By IvyWise on Thursday, January 23, 2014
ACT, SAT Test Prep ResourcesGet Ready for Standardized Tests This Spring with Test Prep Tips and Practice Guides

The SAT this Saturday will be the first standardized test of 2014, and for many high school juniors it will kick off a spring semester of heavy test-prep.

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Superscoring for the ACT

By IvyWise on Monday, August 26, 2013
ACT SuperscoreSchools That Superscore the ACT

With back to school comes more college preparation, and the fall is a very popular time for students to take the SAT and ACT.  

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