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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Best College List by InterestDr. Kat’s Lists for Students Interested in STEM, Arts, Campus Culture, and More

When researching colleges, it’s important to find an institution that matches your interests and goals, and with over 4,000 colleges and universities in the US, there’s a great fit school out there for everyone. Whether you’re concerned with location, academic offerings, or just the right campus culture, all facets of a school should be examined when determining if you can see yourself attending that institution or not.

In our monthly newsletter we feature schools in our Dr. Kat’s List that we feel offer great academics, services, or amenities that some students may find appealing. For every interest there’s a great-fit school that can meet it.

Here are some of our favorite schools for students who are interested in:


From biology and medicine, to mathematics, engineering, and even veterinary science, these schools offer great academic programs no matter what facet of science, technology, engineering, or math you’re interested in.


Business is a common major that can be found at just about any college or university in the US, however some schools offer academic programs and specialized concentrations that go above and beyond a standard business degree.

The Arts

From performing arts to the written word, arts programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While many may view a degree in the arts as impractical, it can actually be very valuable for careers in performance, publishing, communications, education, and arts management and development.

Making an Impact

College is often times an opportunity for students to discover their goals and make their first mark on the world. For those interested in making an impact, whether on campus, in the local community, or globally, these schools offer ample opportunities for students to make their voice heard and to become more involved in the issues they are passionate about.

Campus Culture and Unique Offerings

When building a balanced college list, many students like to look beyond academics and examine a school’s culture and other factors to determine whether or not they would be happy there. The campus atmosphere can be just as important as the academics when deciding where to apply. These schools offer a range of different campus experiences as well as unique programs, majors, and other campus offerings.


Whether you’re looking to be recruited for college athletics, or you just want easy access to sports programs that match your interests, these schools offer competitive, club, and intramural teams, as well as great facilities, that are a great-fit for your athletic abilities.

The Future

The main purpose of higher education is to prepare students for a successful career in their chosen fields. While many students are drawn to the immediate gratification of elements like amenities, campus culture, and extracurriculars, many are concerned with their education’s long-term benefits. These schools offer programs and long-term ROI that will appeal to any student who is planning for the future.

What are your favorite college lists? Did you discover any schools that appealed to your interests? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter (at the bottom of the homepage) in order to receive our next Dr. Kat’s List!

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