ACT Changes for International Students

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

act changes for international studentsHere’s What International Students Taking the ACT Can Expect in 2018

The ACT is shaking things up this year for international test-takers. Starting in September 2018, the ACT is transitioning to computer-based testing for all international students, meaning students will need to take their entire examination on the computer (unless the student has approved accommodations that approve them for paper testing).

Taking the Test
While the test is still taken in one test sitting, international students now have the option of choosing among four testing times occurring within a two-day window. For instance, the September ACT is being offered on both September 7 and September 8, with two separate testing time options for each day. Students have the option of choosing which day and which time slot they would like for the exam. Additionally, a late registration window has been created for the first time for ACT International test takers. Following in the path of the SAT, the ACT’s extended time window now grants additional opportunities for students to register.


ACT International Test Dates & Deadlines [2018-2019]

Test Date*Registration Deadline $46 or $60 (w/ essay)Late Registration Deadline + $29
September 7-8, 2018August 10, 2018August 11-31, 2018
October 26-27, 2018September 28, 2018September 29 – October 19, 2018
December 7-8, 2018November 2, 2018November 3-30, 2018
February 8-9, 2019January 11, 2019January 12 – February 1, 2019
April 12-13, 2019March 8, 2019March 9 – April 5, 2019
June 7-8, 2019May 3, 2019May 4-31, 2019

*For each of the two days within a testing window, there will be morning and afternoon sessions offered. Session availability may vary by test center.

For additional information on registration for international students, visit the ACT’s website here.

How Can I Practice Computer-Based Testing?
The ACT has upgraded their test prep materials to provide downloadable software for students to practice their computer testing skills online. By downloading the ACT’s TestNav system, students have access to one full-length ACT practice test that is broken down into subsections. Students have the opportunity to log into each section separately (i.e. the Science section) and take the section timed or untimed. While the test is not compiled, students can take the sections back to back to simulate the testing experience. Unlike the practice tests provided in the ACT Online Prep (to purchase) this exam is a much more recently administered form of the test released in April 2017 (74F).

Why Try TestNav?
The TestNav system is the same software international students will be using on test day at their testing center. Additionally, students have access to practice test 74F, which is relatively recent compared to their other practice materials.

To learn more about the testing software and the tools students will have available during the test, click here. An additional fact sheet is also available for download here.

ACT Online Prep
For $39.99, the ACT offers 3 online practice tests and a series of practice resources for students. What’s the catch? Well, the two full-length practice tests are rather outdated, administered in December 2014 (72G) and December 2015 (72E). Although they both are previously administered ACT examinations, students are encouraged to practice with the most recently administered examinations to prepare with materials that most accurately represent the upcoming administered test. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the purchase of the ACT Online Prep is only for six months of access. However, students can renew their subscription for a $19.99 renewal fee

There are, however, some great features that come with the ACT Online Prep. For instance, students have access to Android and iPhone apps to take their test prep on-the-go, as well as educational lessons, graded essay prompts, and ACT vocabulary cards. Furthermore, there is a dashboard to track student progress and a series of interactive games.

ACT Prep Pack
The Official ACT Prep Pack is another way for students to practice exams online, as well as receive a paper edition of The Official ACT Prep Guide. For $45.84 on Amazon, this includes the ACT Online Prep materials in addition to the book, offering students five full-length practice tests to work through. Unlike some of the dated exams available for online formatting, the prep book has reasonably newer practice tests (that are previously administered ACT examinations) for students to utilize.

IvyWise Tutoring
At IvyWise we stay abreast of the latest testing trends and changes in order to provide our students with the best test preparation possible. In addition to the official ACT test prep materials, international students can also get expert test prep help with one of IvyWise’s master tutors. At IvyWise we work with students all over the globe to provide the most effective and comprehensive test preparation possible for both the ACT and SAT. Our expert tutors work with students one-on-one remotely, using an interactive platform called Zoom where students can work with one of our tutors no matter where they are in the world. IvyWise tutors have helped students achieve as much as a 17-point increase on the ACT and a 310-point increase on the SAT.

The US admissions process, including standardized testing, is very different for international students. To learn more about applying to US universities as an international applicant, including testing requirements, download our free International Guide to US Admissions here! Also, be sure to contact us for more information on our tutoring and test prep services for international students.


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