4 Signs You Should Consider Transferring Colleges

Friday, January 8, 2021

AdobeStock_244708614Here’s How to Know When It’s Time to Transfer Colleges

Every student’s college admissions journey is unique and, for some, that may mean enrolling in more than one school before graduation day. According to Inside Higher Ed, more than one third of all college students transfer, so if you are considering other options for your higher education you’re not alone.

While switching schools can help students arrive at a true best-fit institution, it’s important to weigh the decision to transfer carefully before you begin the application process. Keep reading for a roundup of signs that may indicate that it’s time for you to explore other options.

You Have Your Sights Set On Specific Opportunities

To make the most of college, students need to actively pursue learning opportunities available to them on campus. Some may gravitate towards research projects while others will seek out internships, but it’s important for every student to find pursuits that relate to their long-term goals. If you have a specific opportunity or interest and are struggling to find relevant endeavors at your university, it may be time to start exploring institutions that are more aligned with your goals. While transferring may ultimately be the best call, students who feel their campus is lacking something may wish to channel their entrepreneurial side and launch new opportunities of their own.

You’re Unhappy with the Current Campus Atmosphere

Maybe you focused on large research universities during your college search but have come to realize you would feel more at home at a small liberal arts institution. Or perhaps you yearned for city living but have come to find the environment overwhelming and counter-productive. Ideally, students will pinpoint what kind of environment suits them best during college tours in high school, but it is possible that your needs or desires will change. If you are truly unhappy with your current campus environment and cannot brainstorm ways to work around these challenges, it may be time to start considering different types of schools.

You Dread Going to Class

Even all-star students may have a class that they struggle with from time to time. While it is totally normally to dread a lecture occasionally, if you’re miserable in every course that could be a major red flag. Take time to reflect on what’s causing this sense of dread; it could be that you picked classes that don’t align with your interests, or perhaps there is something bigger at play. Students in this scenario may wish to start exploring other academic options, but it can also be beneficial to meet with an academic advisor to explore different majors and concentrations within your current campus.

You Feel Like Your Values Don’t Align

Diversity is one of the greatest assets on many college campuses. Students have the opportunity to learn from peers with very different values and those who hail from a multitude of backgrounds. However, if you consistently feel alienated on campus, it may be time to reconsider your school choice. Students should embrace the different lifestyles and viewpoints around them, but it is also important to feel connected to the community at large. If you find yourself in this scenario, consider exploring schools with values and mission statements that more closely align with your own. Simultaneously, try making the most of your current situation by looking for on-campus clubs or student groups that relate to causes that resonate with you.

If you’ve reflected on your own university experience and decided transferring is in your best interest, give yourself time to explore your options and navigate the process. Our team of college admissions counselors work with transfer students each year and can provide personalized information to help you reach your goals.

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