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Premier College Admissions Counselor
WiseStart™ Counselor
Academic Advisor
Counseling Team Leader

Former Assistant Director of Admissions,
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Tiffany specializes in students applying to highly selective schools, STEAM students, students interested in a wide range of schools, and underrepresented minorities.

Tiffany is a former Assistant Director of Admission at MIT and also worked in admissions at the University of Virginia and Colgate University. Tiffany has worked as a high school college counselor and served as the Director of College Counseling at a private day school in Florida.

Tiffany earned her BA and MA at the University of Virginia, and her love for working with students drew her to admissions, where she worked in the UVA admissions office as a graduate assistant before moving on to Colgate where she was the Assistant Dean of Admission. At Colgate Tiffany also worked in multicultural recruitment, reading applications for students who identified as multicultural or underrepresented.

In her time in admissions, Tiffany has worked at a wide range of institutions, giving her insider knowledge on how the admissions process works at a small liberal arts college all the way to a large research university. Tiffany has also worked with a variety of students, from athletes to art students to underrepresented minorities, giving her unique insight into how different students can stand out in the highly selective admissions process.

As a counselor, Tiffany makes an effort to be light and connect with students through her humor. This is a stressful time for parents and students and she works to make the process more fun for everyone involved. She loves making a positive impact in students’ lives and preparing them to drive the process on their own.

In her spare time, you can find Tiffany spending time with her husband and son, traveling, watching reality TV, and learning how to cook Nigerian dishes.


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