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B.A., Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
M.P.P., Harvard University

Lorenza specializes in developing and strengthening the executive functioning and study skills of students to help them maximize their academic potential.

Lorenza has extensive experience helping students develop and strengthen their organizational skills, including prioritizing tasks, managing short and long term projects, sensing the passage of time, self-monitoring during tasks, visualizing future results, and managing homework and materials.

After graduating from Harvard University with an M.P.P., Lorenza continued her education at IPTAR where she completed an extensive program focusing on child and adolescent psychotherapy. She then went on to complete studies in social thinking, learning and the brain, executive functioning, and learning differences in children and young adults.

Since then, Lorenza has consulted with parents and schools on strategies to help students better develop executive functioning skills and has developed and coordinated team plans to ensure their successful implementation. She has also taught at a variety of levels, ranging from elementary school through Principles of Economics at a top-ranked university.

As a parent of a college bound teen, Lorenza understands first-hand the demands of everyday life in the high school years, as well as those of the college application process. She is a powerful motivator and excels at building a rapport with students and boosting their confidence as she helps them develop their foundational study and organizational skills. Lorenza is truly passionate about each student’s success and is an expert at tailoring different strategies to their individual needs and following up with the students to help them implement the strategies.

Lorenza is fluent in Spanish, conversational in French and is an avid photographer and a passionate chef. When she’s not cooking or taking photos, Lorenza enjoys spending her free time traveling with her husband and two children.