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IvyWise college admissions speakers bring expert knowledge to a variety of audiences.

Event Types & Details

Our speakers, from our founder and CEO Dr. Kat Cohen, to our experienced counselors and tutors, can work with you to tailor college admissions events and workshops to your audience. Whether you’re planning a large format lecture or a small group interactive workshop, IvyWise speakers are the perfect choice to bring the most relevant insider college admissions information to your audience.

Common Event Topics and Workshops:

Learn the latest college admissions insights and gain insider expertise on how to succeed in the college admissions process and get into top-choice schools
Designed to be interactive, this seminar allows the audience members to play the role of the Dean of Admissions, so that participants gain a better understanding of what happens from the other side of an admissions officer’s desk.
Interest quotient, or demonstrated interest, is a major factor in admissions. Campus visits, which admissions round to apply in, and essays—these are all facets of interest quotient that could affect whether or not you are admitted to your top-choice school.
Our team reveals the latest US university admissions insights and shares our expertise on how to succeed in the college admissions process and get into top-choice schools. This seminar includes comments on AP and IB curricula and required military service.
Find out what components admissions offices look at when evaluating student profiles and where extracurricular activities fit in. Learn why quality trumps quantity and how to be strategic when choosing activities based on core interests (i.e. athletics, arts, etc.)
College STEM programs demand bright, involved students who have demonstrated a commitment to this growing field. This interactive workshop will explain what colleges look for in STEM candidates and what high school students can be doing right now to boost their applicant profile.
Applying to a balanced list of target, reach, and likely schools is key in the college application process. This seminar will teach you how to research, develop, and finalize a college list, and gauge which schools will be the best fit for your student academically and socially.
The application process is opaque and confusing to many families and students. IvyWise demystifies how selective admissions committees evaluate applicants and presents the reading rubric, bringing full transparency to how admissions decisions are made.
Education doesn’t need to be confined to the classroom, and it doesn’t have to stop after college. In this seminar, appropriate for parents of younger students as well as those applying to college, our experts will show you resources you can use for learning, above and beyond a classroom setting, including online seminars, apps and publications, which will challenge and motivate students and parents alike.
In this in-depth workshop, participants will learn how to make the most of their visits to college campuses, including when to visit, how to prepare, what to do while on campus, and how to use information from the visits to choose and apply to colleges.
In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to prepare for interviews with admissions officers and alumni, including how to effectively research a college, develop interview questions, dress for an interview, and ask and answer interview questions.
Dr. Cohen is also a Premier Speaker and member of YPO-WPO, a global network of chief executives that aims to provide members with increased opportunities for success through educational programs, networking, and partnerships with other members. We are happy to help you create a comprehensive educational event tailored for YPO-WPO member families, including personalized consultations for students and their parents.

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