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Last-Minute Tips for Regular Decision Applications

Seniors: Many of you may be anxiously awaiting a decision on your early application, but don’t forget that you should still be working on your Regular Decision applications! Here are some tips to help you wrap up those final applications and get ready to hit “submit!”

Don’t procrastinate
Working well ahead of deadlines is good advice in general, but because of problems with the Common Application, it’s even more important than ever! You may run into technical difficulties, so be prepared and avoid last minute submission troubles. Get your applications done well in advance so you have time to troubleshoot and contact the admissions office should you be unable to submit.

Treat every application like it’s for your top-choice school
It’s perfectly normal to have your heart set on attending your top-choice school, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the applications for any of the other schools on your list. Hopefully, you chose them because you did your research and determined they were all good-fit schools. Put the same amount of time, research, detail, and dedication into every application.

Personalize your supplements
The school-specific supplements on the Common Application provide a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your interest in the school and your knowledge of the institution’s programs, campus community, and academic offerings. Make sure your supplements are as detailed and customized as possible.

Check for spelling and grammar errors
You don’t want a few careless errors to take away from a well-written essay, so ask a teacher or guidance counselor to read it over. This is also important because spell check might not catch simple mistakes. You don’t want an admissions officer to read about how you spent 10 hours a week “torturing” students when you really meant “tutoring.”

Follow directions
This is common sense and yet it is one of the most common mistakes students make when completing applications. Read instructions carefully and double check before submitting. Heed suggested word counts, finish all components as instructed, and submit all materials the way the school specifies.

Know what is required (test scores, rec letters, transcripts, etc.)
Make sure all materials required are ready to go well before deadlines. Release ACT, SAT, and other standardized test scores to colleges, make sure you have requested your high schools transcripts and that they have been sent to schools, and be sure that your teachers and counselors have completed your recommendation letters. If you are submitting other materials, like art portfolios or audition tapes, make sure they are completed and properly addressed.

The college application process can be stressful, but you’re in the homestretch! If you need help wrapping up your last applications, contact us today. Our team of expert counselors is here for every phase of your admissions journey.

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