Staying Motivated While Social Distancing This Summer

Monday, June 8, 2020

How to Stay Academically Motivated During Summer BreakKeep Motivation Levels High All Summer Long 

It can always be a challenge to maintain motivation during the summer months, some students may find it particularly difficult to stay engaged and on top of their to-do lists as they continue to socially distance.

Even as many places in the US and across the globe are lifting restrictions, many summer programs, internships, and more are either cancelled, virtual, or continuing to adhere to social distancing protocols. Whether you’re focusing on test preparation or participating in a virtual internship, it’s important to create goals and stick to them throughout the following months. Keep reading for tips on how to stay motivated throughout the summer, even during an era of social distancing and safer at home orders.

Write Out Your Goals
Regardless of your personal circumstances or the items on your agenda this summer, it’s best to go in with a plan. Before the season officially starts, take some time to reflect on the coming months and how you wish to grow. Instead of writing down every single aspiration, select 3-5 different objectives that specifically relate to activities you have planned for the summer. For example, a student who is focusing on SAT preparation may wish to include a target score, an outline for a weekly practice schedule, and a list of summer reading books they wish to complete. 

Reflect on Your Progress Weekly
Once you have pinpointed your goals for the summer, don’t forget to refer back to them. Set aside time every week to review the objectives you have set and evaluate the steps you are taking to achieve these goals. Consider journaling about your experiences and what you are learning as a way to review and reflect. Identify any challenges that may be inhibiting you from sticking to your goals and brainstorm potential workarounds and solutions to make sure you stay on the right track, regardless of circumstance.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture
Many students needed to readjust their summer plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it can be disheartening to have certain experiences canceled or modified, avoid fixating on these disappointments. Instead, acknowledge your feelings, reflect on them, and then turn your eyes towards the future. Focus on making the most of this summer and learning as much as possible, regardless of the environment you are in. While a virtual learning experience may not be entirely comparable to an in-person internship or course, students who put in the effort will still walk away with valuable skills. 

Find Healthy Ways to Unwind
Everyone needs to take a step back from time to time. From going to the movies to hanging out at the mall, many popular leisure activities may be on hold this summer. Students should get creative and explore new ways to relax from the safety of their homes. Some potential options could include sampling online workout and yoga classes, picking up an arts and crafts project, learning to cook, or reading a new book. 

Stay Social
One of the most challenging aspects of social distancing is the sense of isolation and loneliness that can accompany it. Keep these feelings at bay by making a concentrated effort to stay in touch with friends throughout the summer months. Schedule weekly calls, video-chats, or Zoom sessions for some much-needed social time. If you’re participating in a summer course or internship, strive to connect with your new classmates or colleagues. Share your goals for the summer with peers so that you can stay accountable and support each other throughout the summer and beyond. 

While summer experiences may look a little different this year, students should strive to remain motivated and enthusiastic by writing out goals and referring to these objectives. If you are preparing for the upcoming season and looking for personalized guidance, our team of college admissions experts is here to help.

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