IvyWise Scholars Spotlight: Abigail

Thursday, November 11, 2021

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IvyWise Scholar Abigail Shares Her Tips for Students Applying to College

For current seniors, the college application process is in full swing. It’s so important to have perspective when going through the admissions journey, which is why we’ve reached out to one of our own students, Abigail, to share some advice for future applicants.

As part of our IvyWise Gives Back initiative, IvyWise Scholars is our pro bono college admissions counseling program for high-achieving, low-income students. We caught up with IvyWise Scholar Abigail, a gifted student from New Jersey, to learn more about her college admissions journey, what it’s like to work with IvyWise during this process, and get some of her college prep advice for other students.

Tell us about your background and interests.

Hi everyone! My name is Abigail, and I am a proud IvyWise Scholar. I am currently finishing my senior year at a high school in New Jersey. Some of the courses I’m taking include:

  • AP English Lit
  • AP Biology
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Art History
  • Medical Terminology Honors

I am Vice President of my school’s African American Club and am in all of the honors societies available at my school. I am also heavily engaged in my church community, where I volunteer weekly and hold leadership positions.

Because I want to conduct research once in college, attending a research-intensive school is extremely important to me. An added appeal would be if the school is in a city. I grew up in the suburbs, but whenever I visit NYC, I feel as if I am a part of the city and believe I could thrive in such a place. Aside from the city’s allure, I also recognize how a change of environment could help me grow as an independent young adult.

Beyond the school’s academic offerings, another thing I hope to find in my best-fit college is a community. I love participating in school events such as sports games and club-held events; attending a college with that nature would be vital for my satisfaction. I yearn for a strong community of people who look like me and share common interests with me. Having that community will make my experience even more enjoyable and will make me feel at home.

I hope to major in Public/Global Health and one day enter the healthcare field. I am still figuring out what exactly I would like to do, but I know that I would like to work with nonprofit organizations to promote healthcare accessibility and build clinics and shelters for underprivileged people.

What aspect of the college admissions process are you most excited about?

I am most excited about having the opportunity to share my story. Delving deep into my life and producing an essay that embodies who I am has been a stressful but necessary experience that I am proud to share with admissions officers.

I am no longer nervous about anything pertaining to the college application process because IvyWise has provided me with an amazing support system that has helped me through every hardship along the way. I believe that by the end of this process, I will end up at a best-fit school where I belong, and where I will be happy.

What are your top college prep tips for other students?

My top tip for underclassmen is to start early! You can do this by engaging in the activities you are interested in and taking the initiative to make a difference in your community. You have so much time and are young, so you have nothing to lose! Have fun and work hard because you are capable of way more than you think you are.

Learn more about Abigail by watching the video below.

For more information on families’ experience with IvyWise, check out our testimonials page, and meet some of our other IvyWise Scholars. Want to learn more about what you can be doing now to prepare for the college admissions process? Download our free college planning checklist!


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