How to Give Back Without Leaving Your Living Room

Monday, November 2, 2020

Giving Back While Staying Socially Distant

Although many students are eager to give back and make an impact, volunteering in 2020 poses some significant challenges. With many outreach programs on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some students may be wondering how they can help their community without leaving home. 

While volunteer opportunities may look a little different this year, there are plenty of options for students who want to get involved. Finding ways to stay engaged with your passions is also a great way to continue to explore your interests, become a specialist, and stand out in your college applications. At IvyWise, we’re working with students to help them find ways to give back and stay engaged with tailored project mentorship. Keep reading to learn some of our top ways to give back, even while working out of your living room. 

Connect with Organizations You’re Already Involved In

If you’ve already been involved in an organization with a mission you’re passionate about, your first step should be reaching out to them to see if there are any remote volunteer positions. Many nonprofits and local causes have developed new ways to continue doing good by taking advantage of digital technology. Whether you help them with their email newsletter or work on some logistics for an upcoming online fundraiser, there may be opportunities for you to continue your commitment by simply shifting gears.

Become a Virtual Tutor

For students who are looking to help children and share their skills, virtual tutoring can be an excellent option. Every organization functions a little bit differently, but generally, virtual tutors will be paired with a student or group of students and work with them weekly on a specific subject. If you want to learn more, consider researching virtual tutoring organizations such as TeensGive, UPchieve, and the GO Project. If you’re asked to select a subject to specialize in, consider choosing a field that relates to your interests and passions so that you can feel confident sharing your expertise with others.  

Consider Pen Pal Options

Volunteering to be a pen pal can be an excellent way for students with a love of writing to build connections and make a difference in someone else’s life. There are several different programs that match volunteers with senior citizens for weekly letter exchanges and updates. If you’re looking for a few starting points, you might want to consider Friends for Life, Adopt a Senior, or Pandemic Pen Pals. Once you get involved in a pen pal program, strive to stay as consistent as possible by setting aside time each week to write to the person you’re matched with. View it as an opportunity to learn more from someone with very different life experiences and a chance to expand your own horizons. 

Start Your Own Initiative

If you’re looking to get a taste of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, volunteer work may be the ideal outlet for you. Some students with a clear vision may wish to start their own project to raise money for a cause that they are passionate about. From creating your own line of homemade masks to producing virtual concerts and donating the proceeds, volunteer work can be an opportunity to give back while also getting creative. 

Take Advantage of Your Language Skills

If you excel at speaking a foreign language and wish to utilize these skills to give back, there are several virtual options you may wish to consider. Translators Without Borders recruits volunteers who want to translate texts into different languages for nonprofits and NGOs. Additionally, TED translators subtitle global TED Talks, enabling their ideas to transcend all language barriers. Bilingual students may also wish to consider remote tutoring opportunities, as many virtual students will be eager to hone their skills in a second language. 

Despite changes in how you might choose to give back, volunteering is a meaningful way for students to make an impact that can also prove beneficial during college application season. If you’re looking for personalized guidance on how to get involved, our team of college admissions experts can share their insights.

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