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How to End the Summer on a Positive Note

Friday, August 9, 2019

Preparing for Back to School SeasonMake the Most of Your Final Days of Summer and Get Motivated for the Year Ahead

For many students, the final weeks of summer break are either here or fast approaching. Although it’s important to shift gears and prepare for the back-to-school season, students should also focus on making the most of their summer opportunities.

Whether you are wrapping up an internship or working through a jam-packed study schedule, you need to put the same amount of effort into your summer activities as you did during those first few weeks of vacation. Keep reading to learn how to end your summer on the best note possible and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Go the Extra Mile

Don’t let the change of seasons lead to an end-of-summer slump. Finish your summer activities with the same level of enthusiasm and attention to detail that you came in with. If there are any outstanding projects or tasks that you are expected to finish, put as much effort into them as possible. Many summer activities, such as internships, classes, or jobs, can be great to add to a resume so you need to feel confident and proud of the work you put in.

Make Lasting Connections

On a similar note, students who worked with a supervisor should make an effort to stay in touch and network, particularly those who enjoyed the work they did. If you really bonded with your supervisor, it may be worth considering reaching out to this contact for a letter of recommendation for your college applications. Even students who aren’t interested in this should make an effort to stay in touch with former supervisors because they can serve as references later down the line for future internships and job opportunities. Take advantage of your summer experiences to begin to build out your own professional network for the future.

Reflect and Goal Set

Give yourself time to look back on your summer experiences and reflect on what you have learned throughout the past few months. Whether it’s developing a new skillset or discovering causes you are passionate about, assess what impact your summer activities have had on your personal development and goals. Based on this, write down a list of 3-5 objectives you have for the upcoming school year and maybe try to connect some of these to your summer activities.

Pencil in Some R&R

While it’s important to end the summer on a high note, students should also strive to set aside some time to relax before the upcoming school year. Choose one or two activities that you enjoy and that help you feel reinvigorated and make time for them during the next few weeks. Options like a spa day, movie night, or hike with friends can help students refresh before classes start up again.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Don’t save your back-to-school organizing for the last minute. Instead, ensure you have all of the school supplies you need in advance of your classes and take note of any important deadlines or dates for the fall. Start a calendar now so that you can update it throughout the year and keep tabs on every step of the college application process.

By planning in advance and going the extra mile, students can wrap up their summer college prep on a high note and prepare for the school year ahead. If the upcoming year entails searching for best-fit schools or working on college applications, our team of expert college admissions counselors can help you work towards all of your academic goals.


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