7 Essential Items to Pack for Winter College Tours

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Winter college toursPrepare for Campus Visits with These Must-Haves

If college tours are part of your agenda this winter then you’re not alone. Many students pencil in campus visits during holidays, breaks, or weekends so that they can see as many schools on their list as possible.

Proper preparation is key when it comes to making the most of school tours and focusing in on important details. Keep reading to learn more about what essential items you should pack to feel prepared throughout the touring process.

Portable Charger
Between looking up directions, taking notes, and snapping pictures, a smartphone can help students retain as much information as possible from information sessions and walking tours. Avoid stressing about running out of battery by coming prepared with a portable charger that will ensure that you can continue to stay plugged in all day long. A portable charger is particularly beneficial for students who plan on doing a couple of tours in one day.

Water Bottle
It can be nearly impossible to focus when you’re feeling dehydrated. While dining halls and convenience stores will sell bottled water on campus, a refillable bottle is a cost-effective and convenient way to quench your thirst. As an added bonus, you’ll be going green by reducing your use of plastic.

Extra Layers
It’s important to dress for the climate of the school you are visiting. Before leaving for college tours, check the weather of the town you are traveling to and pack accordingly. Since most tours include ample amounts of outdoor walking, bring a hat, gloves, and an extra sweater, particularly if you are visiting a school in a cooler climate.

Independent Reading
While you should devote your undivided attention to the college tour, there is likely to be some downtime when you are traveling and waiting for the information session to begin. Bring an independent reading book to stay mentally sharp and entertained. Reading in between school tours can also help students check titles off of their independent reading lists.

Non-perishable snacks
Although a trip to a dining hall can be a fun addition to your college tour, do not rely on on-campus options alone when it comes to food. Many dining halls have limited hours, so there’s a chance you might come at a time when they are not serving meals or snacks. On-campus meal options can also be pricey for non-students and if you’re doing multiple tours these costs can add up quickly. Add a granola bar, some trail mix, or dry cereal to snack on to keep hunger at bay and stay energized all day long.

Comfortable shoes
While it may be tempting to pick your most stylish footwear, comfort should be your number one priority when choosing which shoes to wear during campus tours. Students who are touring schools can expect to be on their feet for hours at a time, meaning it’s not the best opportunity to wear your highest heels or brand new dress shoes. Instead, stick with a comfortable option that won’t weigh you down as the day stretches on.

Reading isn’t the only way to pass time in between tours or while traveling to a campus you are visiting. There are plenty of engaging podcasts that can help students learn more about the subject of their choice. Headphones ensure you can tune in without disturbing your neighbors or fellow visitors.

The more prepared students are for college tours, the more information they will be able to walk away with. If you are preparing for school visits and looking for additional pointers, our team of college admissions counselors can share all of their best tips for success.



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