5 Last-Minute College App Tips

Monday, December 23, 2019

AdobeStock_292780064Tips for Students Right Before College Applications are Due

Between family vacations and holiday festivities, it can be all too easy to put off college application work until the very last minute. While it’s always best to work consistently and strategically, even the most dedicated students find themselves working down to the wire from time to time.

If you are putting the finishing touches on your college applications, it’s important to stay focused and take every detail into consideration. Keep reading for some top tips to make sure your last-minute work has best-in-class results.

It’s Always Worth it to Double-Check
When students are crunched for time, re-reading an essay or double-checking a short answer may seem like a waste of precious minutes. On the contrary, careless mistakes such as typos or grammatical errors can detract from an essay that is otherwise unparalleled. Consequently, students should never submit any component of their college application without checking their work at least once if not twice. Instead of relying on spell-check, carefully comb through each sentence and read it aloud to make sure everything sounds authentic.

Forget About Repurposing
It may be tempting, but applicants should avoid copying and pasting college-specific essay questions to cut down on their workload. Every admissions officer is looking for applicants who are passionate about their specific institution, and a cookie cutter response will not convey the requisite amount of interest needed in order to stand out. Students should write responses that are tailored to each and every essay question in order to convey their unique passions and goals.

Give Yourself Time to Recharge
When application deadlines are approaching, students may be tempted to pull an all-nighter in order to check every item off of their to-do list. While it might seem smart, it’s much easier to make careless mistakes when you’re running on little to no sleep. It’s important to put in the work needed in order to stand out, but students should also be sure to pencil in breaks and time to rest. In the long run, a little leisure time will actually help students work more efficiently and produce higher quality work.

Make Sure Every T is Crossed
There are many components that go into each college application and students should be sure they aren’t leaving out any key information. In addition to essays and short-answer responses, students are often required to submit transcripts, standardized testing scores, letters of recommendation, and supplemental materials. Before hitting ‘submit’, students should review their entire applications to ensure there aren’t any missing pieces.

Stay Calm
For many students, working under tight deadlines can feel stressful. Instead of panicking, trust that you will be able to get everything done by working consistently and strategically. It’s often helpful to prioritize whatever task is most pressing first and only begin to consider other items on your agenda once this first deliverable is complete. College application season can seem overwhelming when you’re in the midst of it, but it’s important to remember that this part of the process is temporary. There are a host of exciting opportunities awaiting seniors in the coming months, so it’s best to put in the work now in order to enjoy the rewards later on.

The college application process can feel stressful, but it’s far more manageable when students work systematically and reach out for help when needed. If you are looking for personalized guidance throughout the admissions process, our team of experts can help you devise a plan of action.



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