Admissions Counseling

School Partnerships

At IvyWise, our goal is to empower students across the globe to achieve their personal and academic goals, discover and develop their passions, and find success in the college admissions process and beyond. As a result, IvyWise has facilitated partnerships with independent, day, and boarding schools across the globe in order to provide unparalleled college counseling and advisory services as part of students’ regular school curriculum and offerings.

Bennett Day School in Chicago, IL is the only school in the US to partner directly with IvyWise to provide each of its students with the best in college counseling. Bennett Day Upper School is not a desk and chalkboard institution, but rather a center and a laboratory where students engage in project-based learning, blended learning seminars, and meaningful internships in professions of interest to build fulfilling, successful, and purposeful lives. College counseling is embedded into the advisory program, where students have regular conversations with advisors and IvyWise counselors about their passions and interests. This unique partnership ensures that each Bennett Day Upper School student has the information necessary to make a match between themselves and the college that will best challenge them to become an even more curious, impactful learner and citizen.

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