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Premier College Admissions Counselor

Former Assistant Director of Admissions,
University of Chicago, Sarah Lawrence College


Victoria specializes in students interested in a wide range of schools, students seeking admission to highly selective schools, and fine arts students.

Victoria previously served as an Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago, a top-ranked university in the US, and as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Sarah Lawrence College. Victoria also worked as a college counselor at an independent high school in Las Vegas, NV, giving her key insight into the student application process from the vantage point of a school official.

Victoria holds a BA from the University of Chicago, where she studied Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities and Theater and Performance Studies. A lover of learning, she enjoyed her classes on Plato and Near Eastern Thought and Literature as much as her calculus and biology courses. Victoria loves performing and the arts – whether it’s karaoke with friends or improv and sketch comedy, which she performed for years on campus and in both Chicago and New York City. In fact, she wrote her BA thesis on the history and philosophy of improv comedy.

Victoria helps students and families navigate the many sides of the college application process, which she knows can be stressful! But she also believes that the process can be fun and allow students to begin figuring out who they are and what really matters to them. Having read thousands of college admissions essays, Victoria knows that some of the best stories come from honest reflections and interesting experiences but that it can be hard for students to represent themselves as the wonderful and unique people they are. With her training as an improviser, she helps students to think outside of the box when writing about their lives and experiences. And with her years of experience as a counselor both in and out of a school setting, Victoria helps students keep track of the many requirements and moving parts of the college application process.

Victoria has also visited over 40 college campuses and heard presentations on many more, directly from admissions officers in her time as a counselor, so she is able to share her reflections of many colleges and universities when students are brainstorming their balanced lists. In addition to helping students with various academic interests apply to top colleges and universities, Victoria also works with students who are interested in applying to specialized programs such as film school, vocal or music performance majors, and studio arts.

Besides a love for the arts and performing, Victoria also has a passion for music, biking, food, and traveling. She loves animals, and has a small dog and feisty tabby cat who occasionally insist on meeting her students!


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