Shurabhi Das

Senior Manager, Research & Development

Shurabhi manages the implementation of data-driven strategies to enhance the IvyWise experience for all stakeholders.

Shurabhi grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the US for her undergraduate studies at New York University, where she double-majored in economics and psychology with a minor in business studies. After a few years of working at IvyWise as Research Coordinator, she went across the pond to achieve her MSc in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College London. She then returned to IvyWise as Senior Marketing Manager before transitioning to the company’s R&D team.

In her spare time, Shurabhi enjoys globetrotting, catching up on tennis, cricket and footy (“soccer”) news, exploring new cuisines and shopping for ridiculous outfits for her doggos Simba and Mowgli.

Meet Shurabhi

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