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Nat, M.A.

Master College Admissions Counselor
WiseStart™ Counselor

Former Senior Assistant Director of Admissions,
NYU, NYU Abu Dhabi


Nat specializes in students seeking k-12 admissions, student athletes pursuing the recruitment process, international students, underrepresented minorities, and students interested in a wide range of schools.

Nat is a former Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Multicultural Recruitment at his alma mater, Skidmore College. Nat also served as a Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at New York University and, most recently, at the hyper-selective NYU Abu Dhabi.

During his time at Skidmore, Nat pioneered many new recruitment techniques, including the integration of Facebook in college admissions. Nat also worked on diversity initiatives and was on the scholarship committee while working in the admissions office at New York University. In addition to his direct admissions experience, Nat also spent time as a college counselor at an independent school in Connecticut. He completed his Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration at New York University and plans to begin his Doctorate in the near future.

Nat’s experience in college admissions has taken him throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe where he has guided students and families through the application process. Nat uses his knowledge base and research-based inquiry to provide his students with results-oriented counseling. Nat also has extensive experience helping families navigate the k-12 admissions process.

Nat is a recognized thought leader in college admissions and a frequent presenter at national industry conferences, such as the NACAC National Conference and The College Board Forum. Nat is frequently quoted in national media on topics related to college admissions, and has appeared in The New York Times, Mashable, Forbes, NBC, and CNBC, among others.

Nat was a recruited tennis player and enjoyed the sport past his collegiate days as a sponsored athlete. Nat keeps busy with his two active sons, stationary pug, and wife in Connecticut. He balances his time by completing endurance events from ultra distance triathlons like the Ultraman World Championships to running 100 and 200-mile trail races.

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