Kevin Garcia

Salesforce Administrator

As Salesforce Administrator, Kevin sits at the intersection of technology and business, collaborating across all departments to enhance business processes, uncover solutions, and achieve results. Kevin designs and implements technical solutions within Salesforce complimenting myIvyWise and supplemental digital services to deliver the highest possible experience to IvyWise families.

Kevin received his B.A from Sewanee: The University of the South, where he majored in International and Global Studies with a concentration in the Hispanic World and minored in History and Spanish. Prior to joining IvyWise, Kevin served as a Sales Director and Business Development leader in the Biotechnology and Health & Wellness fields before he pivoted into tech gaining Software Engineering skills in full stack web development, cloud computing, and Salesforce development.

When not at work, Kevin is an avid dog lover that likes to travel, cook and host dinners, attend live music events, visit loved ones scattered throughout the country, play recreational flag football in NYC, and stay active — especially outdoors.

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