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B.A., Fairfield University

M.A., St. Louis University


Katelyn specializes in strengthening executive functioning skills as well as Spanish skills by creating a positive relationship with students and families in order for the student to achieve self-confidence and academic success.

Katelyn has over a decade of experience teaching and tutoring students in Spanish and executive functioning skills.

After graduating from Fairfield University, Katelyn became a high school Spanish teacher where she taught all levels of Spanish. While teaching, she pioneered an academic support program specifically designed to collaborate with students, teachers, counselors and parents to help develop and strengthen a student’s executive functioning skills leading to academic success. Katelyn also taught an experiential course designed to give students the opportunity to pursue a topic they are passionate about outside of the traditional curriculum. She had students work with real-world mentors to develop essential questions, perform research, create a project plan, and gain meaningful real-world experience. Katelyn continued her studies in Madrid, Spain where she earned her master’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature from St. Louis University.

Katelyn works hard to create a positive relationship with both students and families in order to facilitate the development of executive functioning skills and academic success. She understands that there are many social, emotional, life and school factors that can influence a student’s academics, and works diligently to help a student manage and balance all of these factors so that a student can feel more confident and supported but also more in control of their own academics. Katelyn works to help students manage their course loads and their time, become organized, break down deadlines, advocate for themselves, strengthen study skills, learn how to prioritize assignments, problem solve when they find themselves in unexpected or difficult situations, and become more self-confident.

In her free time, Katelyn enjoys traveling, running, spending time outdoors and spending time with her husband and three children.

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Boston, MA



Executive Functioning, Spanish

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