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Academic Advisor
Medical School Admissions Counselor

Former MD Admissions Officer,
Stanford University School of Medicine

Former Pre-Medical Advisor,
University of California, Berkeley


Juhn specializes in medical school admissions, including pre-medical guidance for undergraduate students.

Juhn joins IvyWise following a long career in medical school admissions in the Bay Area, with the majority of his career working as an MD Admissions Officer at Stanford University School of Medicine. At Stanford, Juhn not only reviewed medical school applications but also was involved in recruitment activities, worked with medical students on various events and represented Stanford at local and national conferences.

Prior to his role at Stanford, Juhn served as a Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Advisor at UC Berkeley, providing advice and guidance to traditional and non-traditional applicants to medical school along with helping applicants who had an interest in applying to other allied health careers such as nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, and more.  He also served as an Instructor for UC Berkeley Extension in the Post-Baccalaureate Health Program.

Additionally, Juhn served as Assistant Director of Admissions at the Touro University California campus in Vallejo, CA, and as a Foundations Advisor at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School.

Juhn has a passion for working with students, and thoroughly enjoys helping students learn about the college and medical school experience, various campus resources, and ultimately, succeeding in their academic and career goals.

As a counselor, Juhn works with students to provide clarity on the admissions and application process and alleviate any stress that they may feel. Juhn loves hearing students’ stories and their motivations, and works with students to create a comfortable atmosphere for them – whether they are asking general questions about the medical school application process or getting feedback on their personal statement. He likes students to drive the process and take the necessary steps to implement their admissions plan, so that he can play the role of counselor and mentor, providing guidance along the way.

In his free time, Juhn enjoys going on long hikes or drives with his wife and their two dogs. Juhn is a former runner and completed the Honolulu Marathon, but these days he remains active by being a practitioner in the Filipino Martial Arts style of Balintawak Eskrima.


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