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Premier College Admissions Counselor

Former Senior Associate Director of Admissions,
Georgetown University


Judy specializes in students seeking admission to highly selective schools and students interested in the liberal arts.

Judy is a former Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgetown University. She also previously served as the Associate Director of College Counseling at an independent school near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Judy holds a master’s degree in English from Georgetown University and earned her undergraduate degree at Colgate University.

During her time in admissions at Georgetown, Judy chaired admissions committees for Georgetown College and the School of Foreign Service, and traveled extensively both nationally and throughout Europe. She also worked with transfer applicants and was the admissions liaison for the men’s soccer team and the men’s and women’s crew teams.

Judy has a passion for college counseling and enjoys working with students to help them identify and focus their interests and explore a variety of college options. When working with students, Judy enjoys learning more about who they are in order to help them craft balanced lists of best-fit schools. She also enjoys guiding students through the essay writing process by helping them brainstorm topics and providing honest, thorough feedback.

Judy believes in setting realistic expectations when navigating the highly selective college admissions process, but she also encourages students to embrace this experience and use it to learn more about who they are. She says, “Teenagers have such an interesting perspective and I love their optimism and honesty throughout this process.” As counselor and a parent who has recently navigated this process with her own children, she is very empathic about the stress that applying to college can put on the entire family, so she works with students and parents to help them enjoy the college admissions journey.

In her free time, Judy enjoys baking, yoga, walking her three dogs, and reading. Judy is passionate about helping animals, and volunteers at her local humane society. Over the years, she has fostered over 100 cats and kittens, helping them find their best-fit homes!


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