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Elena Grasso

Director of Product Management

As Director of Product Management, Elena oversees the development and launch of new products as well as the optimization of existing products. Working with the Full Time Counselors and a team of Subject Matter Experts, her primary focus is to provide each IvyWise team with the tools they need to ensure delivery of the highest quality programs and services to our clients.

Elena received a BA in Psychology and teaching certification from Southern Methodist University, as well as a MA in Education from the University of Connecticut. Prior to joining IvyWise, Elena held teaching positions in both public and independent schools.  She also worked in the counseling departments of middle and high schools throughout Connecticut.  These experiences led her to IvyWise where she aspires to help all students find success throughout their college admissions journey.

In her free time, Elena enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with family, and sweating through any and all fitness classes around the city!

Meet Elena

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