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B.A., Princeton University
M.D. Candidate at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Catherine specializes in academic support for biology and chemistry. 

Catherine is a biology and chemistry tutor with extensive experience in helping students prepare for assessments, tackle problem solving, and approach writing in a scientific context.  After graduating magna cum laude from Princeton with a degree in Molecular Biology, she worked in a melanoma research program for a year before matriculating at the Icahn School of Medicine as part of the class of 2026.

While at Princeton, Catherine conducted independent research on cell signaling systems in the epidermis and was heavily involved in medical humanities through coursework and extracurriculars. She is a strong believer that communication and problem-solving are critical to approaching science and hopes to center these goals as she enters medical school.

Catherine began tutoring mathematics to elementary school students while she was a high school student at a STEM charter school in Delaware. At Princeton, she served as a peer tutor to other students in organic chemistry and molecular biology. After moving to New York, she started working with high school students on course preparation in biology. Catherine likes to use visual aids, examples, and analogies to simplify complex subjects in the life sciences. She also works with students on developing better study habits, building study guides, and learning time management.

In her free time, Catherine enjoys reading in Central Park, trying new coffee shops around the city, and taking workout classes with friends.

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New York, NY




Biology, Chemistry



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