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B.A., Princeton University


Carla specializes in academic support for math and science subjects. She is familiar with AP and IB subjects and has experience with: AP AB/BC Calculus, AP Physics, IB Physics HL/SL, IB Biology HL/SL, IB Chemistry HL/SL, and IB Math HL/SL.

Carla graduated from Princeton with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During her undergraduate years she conducted research in a neuroscience lab and later wrote a senior thesis on modeling the disease dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic amongst vulnerable populations. She currently works as a Research Assistant in a neuroscience lab at Columbia University that focuses on the neurological basis for psychiatric disorders like PTSD. At present, she plans to attend medical school next year.

Carla has extensive tutoring experience as she began tutoring in high school with an ACT/SAT tutoring center. She continued through and after college as a private tutor and was also an introductory physics TA during undergrad. She enjoys working with a wide range of ages and interests. Her favorite part about working with students is finding ways to relate topics to their everyday lives, especially when they report back that they’ve started independently noticing the applications. 

For fun, Carla enjoys exercising, playing in a soccer league, singing and playing guitar, and also going to farmer’s markets.

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New York, NY




Calculus, Physics, Biology, Chemistry


ACT, SAT, AP Calculus, AP Physics, IB Physics, IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB Math

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