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Master College Admissions Counselor

Former Associate Director of Admissions,
Bucknell University


Amy specializes in students seeking admission to competitive and/or highly selective schools, international students, transfer students, and recruited athletes.

As a former Associate Director of Admissions at her alma mater, Bucknell University. Amy has extensive experience working with international students from around the globe, as well as assisting US students and recruited athletes with the college admissions process.

While working in admissions at Bucknell University, Amy also served as the Coordinator for International Admissions where she managed enrollment, application review and foreign transcript evaluations. Her international recruitment responsibilities included traveling to international high schools where she presented educational opportunities in the US to students and parents. Her worldwide recruitment efforts have taken her to many countries including Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates, among others.

Amy also has extensive experience in athletics, having played volleyball at the Division I level while in college and specializing in athletic recruitment advising at Bucknell.

Before joining IvyWise, Amy started her own sole proprietorship as an independent counselor, and was successful in placing international students in highly selective universities in the US and Canada.

Amy enjoys working with students from a variety of backgrounds, and has a particular interest in helping students with learning differences navigate the college selection and application process.

Amy prefers to spend her free time with her two sons and daughter. She enjoys taking them to movies, sporting events, and museums.


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