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Principal College Admissions Counselor
Law School Admissions Counselor
Graduate School Admissions Counselor

Former Director of Admission,
Ohio Wesleyan University

Former Associate Director of Law Admissions,
Ohio Northern University


Alisha specializes in students interested in law school, graduate school, STEM, business, transfer admissions, pre-professional program admissions, students with learning differences, and students looking to uncover their passions.

Alisha has more than 15 years of direct experience in undergraduate and graduate admissions, serving as a former Director of Admission at Ohio Wesleyan University and Associate Director of Law Admissions at Ohio Northern University. Currently, Alisha is the Director of College Counseling at a private prep academy in Washington, DC.

Alisha earned an undergraduate degree in business and an MBA from Butler University and also holds a Doctor of Education degree from Johns Hopkins University with an emphasis in Educational Neuroscience.

Throughout her years in admissions, Alisha gained extensive experience working with prospective undergraduate, transfer, and law school students, and works with these students to help them gain admission to their best-fit programs.

Undergraduate Admissions Experience

 As a former as a former Director of Admission at Ohio Wesleyan University, Alisha has extensive experience with undergraduate and transfer admissions. This direct experience working with a wide variety of students and majors from all across the US has given Alisha unique insight into how to best position these students for admission to their top-choice schools and programs.

Since transitioning to the “other side of the desk” as a college counselor Alisha has guided a variety of students through the college admissions process, including students interested in business and other pre-professional programs, including law and pharmacy.

Alisha is dedicated to helping students, and because of her educational focus on neuroscience and the way people learn, she also enjoys working with students who have learning differences, are undecided about a possible major, or need a little extra confidence. From mock interviews to writing essays, Alisha approaches counseling with compassion and a strong desire to see students grow throughout the college application process.

Law School Admissions Experience

Alisha is a law school admissions expert, having served as Associate Director of Law Admissions at Ohio Northern University. In her time in law school admissions, Alisha reviewed law school and scholarship applications, as well as built relationships with students and pre-law advisors. Alisha has read thousands of law school applications and knows what goes into the selection process when building a law class, as she was also responsible for analyzing data and implementing strategies to recruit and admit a variety of applicants to the law program.

Alisha uses her unique insight into the law school admissions process to help prospective applicants find the best-fit law school programs for their needs and goals and help them put together compelling applications.

Graduate Admissions Experience

Alisha has guided a variety of students through the graduate admissions process, informed by both her experience as a law school admissions officer and a Ph.D. student herself. Alisha enjoys getting to know graduate applicants and their goals and works with them to find the best-fit graduate programs for their aspirations. She works with graduate applicants to present their academic and professional history and goals in a compelling manner, ensuring that applications effectively communicate who they are to admissions committees. Alisha has worked with students applying to a variety of graduate programs including environmental engineering, public administration, and healthcare management.

In her free time, Alisha enjoys spending time with her rescue dogs, running, and biking.


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