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At IvyWise we draw on our previous experience as deans and directors of admission to help families understand the nuances of the process, what admissions committees are looking for, and how students can best position themselves to gain admission to their top-choice schools. IvyWise specializes in college admissions counseling, but we also offer primary and secondary school admissions, as well as MBA, law, med, and other graduate school admissions.

IvyWise services are personalized to fit each student’s needs and goals, integrating counseling, tutoring, and research services in order to maximize student outcomes and ensure that they are getting the most out of their IvyWise experience. Our results speak for themselves, with 91% of IvyWise students gaining admission into one or more of their three top-choice schools in 2020.

We offer school placement programs for private, independent, and boarding school admission, as well as early college prep for middle school students.
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We offer comprehensive college admissions counseling for students seeking admission to universities in the US, UK, and Canada, including undergraduate transfer admissions services.
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We offer graduate admissions counseling for students applying to graduate, medical school, MBA, and law school programs.
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What Makes IvyWise Different?

Our team of expert counselors are all former admissions officers from private schools, top colleges and universities, and graduate programs. They were in the rooms where the decisions were made, whether you’re seeking primary or secondary school, undergraduate or graduate admissions, so they know what it takes to stand out when applying to a variety of institutions. No other educational consultancy has this depth and breadth of direct admissions experience, and our integrated counseling, tutoring, and research programs ensure that students are maximizing their potential at all levels. Counselors and tutors communicate and collaborate in order to give your students the most comprehensive support available.

Get Started with the Initial Consultation

The IvyWise Initial Consultation is the first step on the path to a successful application process no matter your admissions goal. Following a thorough review of your student’s profile, you’ll meet with the IvyWise expert counselor of your choice for 90 minutes to understand how your student will be read by admissions committees and to go over a personalized, strategic action plan to help your student achieve their academic and personal goals. This consultation also allows your counselor to make the best recommendation for ongoing work to fit your student’s needs and goals. To learn more and schedule an Initial Consultation, call us today at 212-262-3500.

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IvyWise Admissions Counseling

Want to learn more about the admissions process? Check out the IvyWise Knowledgebase.

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