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IvyWise college admissions speakers bring expert knowledge to a variety of audiences.

IvyWise Webinars & Events

As the higher education and college admissions landscape continues to evolve, IvyWise has been the top resource for families and educators on how to navigate the competitive application process. IvyWise is proud to offer a variety of webinars this fall to provide expert information and advice to students, parents, and counselors across the globe. IvyWise also offers private webinar and event options for schools, businesses, and organizations.

For Parents & Students

Upcoming webinar topics:

October – Beyond the Classroom: Why Extracurricular Activities Matter

NovemberVisiting Schools and Building a College List in a Virtual World

DecemberBecoming a Better Student: Developing Soft Skills

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For Counselors & Administrators

Upcoming Counselor’s Corner Webinars:

September 30 at 7:30 am ET:The US College Admissions Rubric – How Selective Schools Make Decisions and How COVID-19 Might Impact the Process
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NovemberBuilding a Balanced College List

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Custom Events for Your School, Business, or Organization

Our experienced team, from our detail-oriented event coordinators to our expert speakers, can work with you to create customized admissions events and workshops tailored to your audience. Whether you’re planning a large format lecture or a small group interactive workshop, IvyWise speakers are the perfect choice to bring the most relevant insider admissions information to your audience. IvyWise can cover a variety of admissions-related topics, from broad events covering the entirety of the K-12, college, or graduate admissions process, to targeted, more granular seminars aimed at helping the audience master a specific segment of the application. All presentations include a media component and valuable take-away materials, helping your audience continue to refine their admissions goals long after the event is over. Events can be structured as a series covering multiple topics or one-off, hands-on seminars. IvyWise can customize an event specifically for your needs and goals.

Our most in-demand presentations include:

What Matters in College Admissions: Students’ Four-Year Plan for Getting In
Learn what students need to do each year from freshman to senior year in order to best position themselves to gain admission to their top-choice colleges.

Competing for US Admissions: How International Students Can Maximize Their Chances of Admission to Highly-Selective US Institutions
The US admissions process differs greatly for international applicants, and there’s a lot that international students need to do in order to be in the best position for admission to US universities. Learn more about the holistic US admissions process, how international applicants are read, and what it takes to stand out in the highly competitive US admissions process. This event can be tailored to include stats and information about international applicants from your country.

Getting Into Your Top-Choice Colleges: What Students Need to Know Now
Learn the latest college admissions insights and gain insider expertise on how to succeed in the college admissions process and get into top-choice schools.

The Admissions Rubric: How Selective Schools Make Decisions
The application process is opaque and confusing to many families and students. IvyWise demystifies how selective admissions committees evaluate applicants and presents the reading rubric, bringing full transparency to how admissions decisions are made.

Insider Scoop: How to Gain Admission to the Most Selective Schools in the US
What does it take to gain admission to schools with admit rates of 5% or less? An IvyWise speaker will lift the veil on what college admissions officers at top universities are looking for, how decisions are made, and what “hooks” students can utilize in order to have the best chance of admission at their top-choice schools.

Test Prep 101: Top Test Prep Strategies for the SAT and ACT
College entrance exams are an important piece of the college admissions puzzle, with top scores necessary, but not sufficient on their own, to gain admission. An IvyWise expert tutor will go over each exam in-depth and illustrate insider tips, tricks, and strategies to help students reach their goal score.

Creating a Balanced College List
Applying to a balanced list of target, reach, and likely schools is key in the college application process. Students will learn how to research, develop, and finalize a college list, and gauge which schools will be the best fit for them academically and socially.

Campus Visit Planning Workshop
Learn how to make the most of college visits, including when to visit, how to prepare, what to do while on campus, and how to use information from the visits to choose and apply to colleges.

Beyond the Classroom: Why Extracurricular Activities Matter
Find out what components admissions offices look at when evaluating student profiles and where extracurricular activities fit in. Learn why quality trumps quantity and how to be strategic when choosing activities based on core interests (i.e. athletics, arts, etc.)

What Is Your IQ (Interest Quotient)?
Interest quotient, or demonstrated interest, is a major factor in admissions. Campus visits, which admissions round to apply in, and essays—these are all facets of interest quotient that could affect whether or not you are admitted to your top-choice school.

US vs UK Admissions
The differences between the US and UK university admissions processes are stark, and it’s important for students who may apply to universities in both the US and UK to understand how their applications will be evaluated. IvyWise will cover the holistic US admissions process, as well as the UK evaluation process and UCAS, giving students insider knowledge to help them stand out in both application pools.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Seminar
College STEM programs demand bright, involved students who have demonstrated a commitment to this growing field. With such a concrete focus, it may seem difficult to get creative with extracurricular activities and projects. How do they stand out among other STEM applicants when it comes time to apply? This interactive workshop will explain what colleges look for in STEM candidates and what high school students can be doing right now to boost their applicant profile.

Admissions Interview Workshop
Participants will learn how to prepare for interviews with admissions officers and alumni, including how to effectively research a college, develop interview questions, dress for an interview, and ask and answer interview questions.

Common Application Workshop
Demystify the complex admissions process and learn how to fill out the Common App with confidence. The workshop reviews each section of the Common App helping students become familiar with the format and information required. We cover the basics of creating your Common App, the timeline for using the Common App, Account Rollover and previewing your Common App once complete. The workshop provides detailed instruction on completing the Grades and Courses sections, how to fill out the Activity List, personal information, and more. We will cover what NOT to do, common mistakes and how students can address ambiguous portions of the Common App like the “additional information” section. Finally, we review the personal statement prompts, best practices for personal statements and the possible supplemental essays that schools may require in addition to the Common App personal statements.

Writing Workshop
Take a deep dive into the college admissions essay writing process, including what colleges are looking for in essays, how certain prompts can be approached, and why the Common App “topic of choice” essay might not always be the best choice. We take a comprehensive look at personal statements that “worked,” common mistakes, and how students can begin brainstorming for those essays as early as junior year, providing tools and strategies students can use to aid in their brainstorming.

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